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newmy51 06-07-2021 03:15 AM

Ultra-Pro Video Tape Baking Dehydrator? [TGP863]
I saw that is plugged here as as reputable source for competently refurbished and meticulously tested/inspected decks. being in the market for such a deck, I headed that way for a gander at their wares. and then...


a nearly 700% markup for rather minor/cheap modifications to a store bought food dehydrator does not, personally, inspire confidence in the fair pricing of other items from the same seller/business. willing to admit ignorance here if I'm missing something. am i missing something?

lordsmurf 06-09-2021 10:03 PM

Do you know how R&D works? That "simple modification" may have cost $$$$ before being discovered. Those dollars need to be recouped. The other alternative is you can blindly try to recreate the wheel, and blow through your own $$$$.

That said, I'm not aware of what was done, if anything. I'm still pissed that our recapped AG-1980 decks have all re-failed, because he replaced only bad caps, and not all caps. Because, duh, all the caps would be bad eventually, because it's an AG-1980. There are other forum members here that are pissed for the same reason. My confidence tanked for that reason.

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