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latreche34 07-01-2021 09:58 AM

I don't know, You should get the opposite effects on both, Stills don't tel the whole story short clips do, Good luck.

hodgey 07-01-2021 01:29 PM

Not sure if there is actually less noise, or if it's just being hidden by the whites being blown out It's normal that the video brightness and saturation levels are not going to be 100% the same with vcr tbc on/off (though for the VCR there are trimpots to adjust the input/output levels of the tbc module on it if you really want to nitpick on it.).

If there is something that is wrong here, and it's not just the tape that is very noisy, it would have to be some issue with the VCR outside of the tbc unit, but not sure if there is. The FS200 doesn't have DNR like many later high-end SVHS decks did. I don't have one myself so I don't know how effective the analog chroma noise reducer is, but as noted I wouldn't expect it to be quite as efficient as e.g a newer TBC/3DDNR equipped JVC. Do you have another vcr you can test with to see if you get equally noisy color?

msgohan 07-01-2021 02:06 PM

This is probably the only reason you're not seeing the chroma noise in #1:


Originally Posted by lordsmurf (Post 78390)
No TBCs at all = blown out whites/highlights.

His hands are eaten away and blown out to white 255. The same applies to the chroma noise.

If you posted a short sample clip of #1 (Direct Stream Copy) instead of images that have already been converted to RGB, we could check this out.

willow5 07-01-2021 04:42 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is the raw AVI capture file, not direct stream copy. Hope it is ok to work with

Thank you

latreche34 07-02-2021 03:17 AM

I've already drawn my conclusion in post 17 that this is tape related but since you keep beating this to death here is the easiest way to find out if that chroma noise is tape related or not, Pause the tape and observe the frame, If the chroma noise freezes then it's in the original content, If either TBC is making that noise it would continue to shake even when the tape is paused, Hope this solves you dilemma.

If you want to address that noise you need a VCR with a good TBC/DNR,

willow5 07-02-2021 03:52 AM

Dear @Latreche34, I understand you viewpoint thank you but I was attaching the clip in reply to @msgohan's request

Anyway thanks for your input, it is appreciated

msgohan 07-03-2021 05:41 PM

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I thought what you were attaching would be blown-out like in the top of your comparison, but it's not, so I dunno whether you posted the right clip.

It's just a little less saturated than the other images, so the chroma noise isn't as noticeable.

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