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KhAoS182 01-20-2022 01:50 PM

VHS workflow for live concerts?
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Hello lordsmurf,

I have some live shows ranging from 1 Gen to 3 or 4 Gen. I want to transfer all to the best quality.

I recently purchased an ATI TV Wonder HD 600 USB and a Panasonic DMR-ES15, for two years I have a Sony SLV-679HF VCR Player, the quality is decent but no S-Video and no TBC.

What recommendation could you tell me to improve this workflow? Do you see it necessary to acquire a VCR with TBC?

Example attached: VHS 1st Generation > Sony SLV-679HF > Behold TV 505 FM > MPEG2 (Shortened with VEGAS Pro 19.0)


lordsmurf 01-20-2022 10:03 PM

That clips is too erratic to tell too much.

Near the big speaker, in the beginning, you can see a pretty nasty line timing issue, wiggly image.

The video is dark. That could be due to the recording exposure, recording camera, VCR, or capture card. The goal is to not make it darker. I question what that VCR is doing to contrast and sharpness, same for the capture card.

Better VCR would be better. You can do ES15 with non-TBC S-VHS VCR, or forget ES15 and just do a better with-TBC VCR.

Where are you? PAL ES15 has luma issues to deal with, so VCR would be much better.

KhAoS182 01-21-2022 01:10 AM

What timing issue you see?

I have more sources of this show transferred from other people, here is another:

You recommend me a JVC HR series with TBC? I bought the Panasonic DMR-ES15 yesterday, did I do it right? Do you recommend me use this DMR-ES15 with a VCR with TBC?

I'm from Spain with NTSC equipment, I have 110V converters from the 50s.


nicholasserra 01-26-2022 08:25 PM

My AG1980s have been life changing. My transfers are primarily live concerts, mostly on 8mm cassettes or VHS. But get ready to pay for them. Deter rebuilds or Tgrant rebuilds prob set you back $1500. I have both and don't notice much difference between them. If i'm doing a run of tapes i'll switch back and forth between the decks to give each one a break and cool down while the next tape plays.

Also, now that you have an ATI, capture to lossless for your archive copy.

Always interested in folks who are transferring concerts. Have a list of the kind of stuff you're doing? Thanks!

KhAoS182 01-27-2022 03:33 AM

That's a very good VCR, this have TBC right? I bought JVC HR-S3900U, low end VCR but I don't need more.

Yes! I will transfer all my tapes using HuffYUV and not MPEG2.

I collect Pop Punk bands. Check PM, I will send my website.

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