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11-11-2009, 03:37 AM
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continued from PM...

Originally Posted by Kereellis
Hello again,

I currently consider a proc.amp like the Signvideo PA-100 you recommended. However, since all my sources are PAL I hoped you could tell me whether this proc.amp can both accept and output PAL signal? It seems to be available in the US only, and the Elite video for example only supports NTSC. Otherwise, aren't there any alternatives for the european market that you know of? If I were to import from the US the VAT on top of the expense would probably exceed my budget way too far.

Furthermore, is proc.amp correction mostly scene-based or can certain adjustments be used as defaults for longer recordings as well? This is my main doubt about whether I should go for a proc.amp at all, since I think I wouldn't have a life left if I were to split up the ripping of my 30+ somewhat 3 hour long tapes into seperate shots.. I would rather store the tapes as quickly as possible to prevent further degradation from aging.

Another random question:
I quite often hear that blank dvd media of the brands Taiyo yuden and Verbatim are recommended for both their compatibility and durability. However for me it's mostly of concern which brand scores best in the latter category. I'd also be interested in learning about any cheaper brands that are known to be very durable storage media.

In any case, thanks for all your help so far. I hope my recent membership upgrade helps you and the site out a little as well.

Proc amp...

The EliteVideo BVP-4 Plus supports PAL. I use it with a JVC HR-S7965EK S-VHS VCR. Looks good.

I don't know if the SignVideo PA-100 supports PAL or not. I've never been able to test one with PAL equipment. SignVideo still exists as a company, however, shoot them an e-mail, see how they respond (and post the answer here, too!)

While there are probably some proc amps from PAL-native companies, I'm not readily aware of any that are as modern and respected as the SignVideo and Elite Video equipment. DataVideo may have some. I'd have to dig through some 5-year-old research docs, but I know most of it is NTSC.

Proc amp usage...

I prefer to correct for full recordings. Capturing scene by scene is costly on time (and therefore for the customer). I'd rather chop a video up after capture, and run the corrections through VirtualDub in batches. Honestly, videos that need scene-by-scene corrections are usually so shot that even the best hardware proc amps and software methods can't make it all match and look perfect. Those tend to be compilation videos, from various sources. Just a mess to work on, can take weeks just for one tape.

I think your plan of "bulk capturing" with an ideal-per-tape proc amp setting is best, for the sake of an immediate "feel safe" digital backup. Then if something is important, go back and re-capture just that segment.

Blank discs...

Honestly, TY and Verbatim are about even, in terms of physical longevity. I would say to avoid Taiyo Yuden "shiny top" discs, go for ones with inkjet surfaces, or branded TY if you can find them. Various brands in Europe are known to carry TY from time to time. JVC now has an arrangement with TY, so JVC branded "made in Japan" discs may be in UK eventually. Verbatim has had TY, too.

The only note I'd make is some TY discs were known to have bad bonding. I think that's over with now, but you can never tell if you're getting old stock.

The Mitsubishi Verbatim is pretty much solid. Just be aware of fakes and counterfeits in UK and Europe. I've not seen any recently, but they've been around there in past years. I'd also steer clear of the FTI/Falcon-made discs from United Arab Emirates (UAE) -- at least for now. Go with the proven Taiwan and India MCC discs.

Only buy discs from an authorized source. For example, Amazon.co.uk.

Remember the media guide at http://www.digitalfaq.com/reviews/dvd-media.htm


And thanks for supporting the site through Premium Membership. It's how you're able to get such detailed response to questions.

(Remember to keep technical topics in the forums, not PMs. The private message system is reserved for private information, such as marketplace sales, contact info, private project details, etc. Thanks.)

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11-15-2009, 08:23 AM
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I mailed Signvideo, but I got the message they stopped putting out PAL-compatible equipment a while ago. The PA-100 is NTSC-only as well.

Are you sure about the Elite BVP-4 though? On one ebay auction it was only mentioned that it supports NTSC. Also, after some googling I came across a couple of posts on the following page, where I found an opposite answer:


Well, not that I can get my hands on a unit like this at an affordable price anyway. I guess I better resign.

Also, may I ask what is meant by a "shiny top disc"?
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11-15-2009, 09:37 PM
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Your "shiny top" question has been answered in its own new thread. See http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/show...disc-1766.html

The last Elite Video BVP4+ that I had was certainly capable of PAL signal processing. It was sold off quite some time ago, to somebody in Europe, who now uses it for his transfer studio, for mostly PAL videos.

My current unit did PAL last time I checked, but today it is only putting out a B&W signal from my PAL VCR. I don't understand it. It definitely processes PAL, but not reliably, I guess.

I have another proc amp here too, a rack-mount TBC+proc amp, and it's NTSC-only for what I can tell. It won't even pass the PAL through TBC like the AVT-8710 does.

This isn't the first time this has happened. I recall testing this unit 3-4 times in past years, each time coming up with a different answer. I always reach for the same retail PAL tape for my tests.

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