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12-05-2010, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by GroverXpup
Hi LS. Thanks for answering my post! Only today did I realize that there is a "thank you" button that I can click.
The reason I'm PM-ing you is because I have a bunch of questions and I don't know if I should start a bunch of different threads or if I should just PM you with a list and see when you have time to answer them or if you have a better idea of where to put them? They're "all over the map." I'll give you a couple for instances:
Glad to help.
But please ask all tech questions in the forums. Thanks!

1. I ordered one of the TBC's you recommended, the AVT8710. All the links you provide show a green one, this one is black! Is it because it's just an updated look or should I worry?
The AVT-8710 is the USA imported version of the Cypress Technologies CTB-100 timebase corrector. The CTB-100 = AVT-8710. The 8710 is actually the one using the oddball color scheme, with it's dark blue-tinted green and black case. The CTB-100 is usually light blue, but I've seen it in other colors, too. Just be sure you're getting a CTB-100 or AVT-8170.

Read more on TBCs: http://www.digitalFAQ.com/forum/show...base-2251.html

2. When you say that a capture system should have it's own dedicated sound card, is that so you can playback with quality sound or because the actual capture will ultimately be better (on any machine) because os a dedicated sound card? Would that also be true for my "editing" PC which has a pretty new MoBo (GA-MA785GMT-UD2H) with the latest ports and audio connections?
It appears this has already been answered for you. See http://www.digitalFAQ.com/forum/show...d-ok-2614.html

It's not a sounds quality issue, but rather an issue of the cards working without losing frames or adding noise from electrical inteference. Cheaper cards embedded into motherboards don't generally have good shielding or work as accurately as a dedicated PCI audio card would do. And when you're capturing video, accuracy is paramount.

3. IYO, if I'm going to be transferring video (many) from my capture PC (SATA drive) to my editing PC, is the best bet to get a USB 3.0 card for my editing PC and a HDD dock with USB 3.0 and dock the sata drive? I already have a HDD with e-sata, is it worth the upgrade to USB 3.0 in your opinion?
USB is slow, even USB3.

I would opt for a gigabit ethernet setup. Then share some folders between the systems. You can quite easily transfer large files across a good network. If your computer does not already have 10/100/1000 communication, simply add a PCI card for gigabit (the "1000" in 10/100/1000). I suggest D-Link cards, but almost anything tends to be okay here. The bigger issue is the quality of the wiring and the network switch.

Get some good Cat6 cable from Meritline (best prices on Cat6 cables).
Then get a D-Link gigabit switch from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B000FIVDIA

I'm assuming you have a router already, which is used to issue IP addresses via DHCP. Or you can manually set IP at the computer. The computers plug into the switch, the the switch can hook into the internet connection (router), which is probably plugged into a modem.

The next best solution is large eSATA drives that you move around. Personally, I would hate to have to move drives around. Systems don't always want to let you "safely remove" the hardware, meaning you'll have to turn off the computer (a nuisance), or endanger the hard drive with an unsafe unplug.

I have more where these came from! How should I approach this, one by one in the relavent forums, or send you a list and then you can decide which you'd like to answer?
For quickest response, ask tech questions in the forum. And yes, it's generally best to ask unrelated questions in their own threads.

The problem is that I'm going to be doing some after T-giving shopping for this sort of stuff and I would love to have an idea before then which hardware/components to get, you know?
Sales really haven't been all that spectacular this year. Most of what I've seen was priced better back in August-Sept. I keep wanting a 2TB SATA drive for under $100, but I've not seen one since the sale I missed back in mid-Sept.

Thanks and sorry to be a pain. I know you're very busy here, so of course I don't expect you to spend all your time one one person...
No problem. But do ask in the forum for quicker responses. We try to not ask/answer questions via PM here, so that others may benefit from the information. And then others can also give their input, instead of somebody relying on just on person for advice.


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