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Artemi 03-04-2019 11:16 AM

Workflow Windows OS for ATI PCI-e card?
I'm trying to make more or less adequate workflow for capturing VHS. I'm just lost here. Have a lot of questions and didn't find completed guide for it. So...
Is it possible to use any windows 7 or 10, or XP only? If XP only is it possible to make virtual machine with XP on windows 10?
About other hardware... Is it possible to use Z390 and Intel 9K (or Z170 and 6K) or what is the latest suitable hardware?
Do I install X1900 pci-e as primary gpu with output for monitor or I need to install it into the second pic-e slot?

lordsmurf 03-04-2019 11:24 AM

Windows XP is required for AIW

Capture cards will not work inside VMs, native hardware is required.

WinXP does not work on the newest hardware like z170, as far as I know, no drivers exists.

AIW must be the primary graphics card.

NJRoadfan 03-04-2019 11:37 AM

I don't have any setup here to test, but it might be possible to setup and VM and use the ATI PCIe cards in modern machines using IOMMU to dedicate the card to said VM.

XP will run on Z170, the tricky part is the USB 3.0 controller drivers.

Artemi 03-04-2019 11:48 AM

Why do I need USB for it? Z170 has USB 2.0, even z390 has it.

NJRoadfan 03-04-2019 01:11 PM

The USB controller on new motherboards lack backwards compatibility with UHCI/OHCI (USB 1.1) and ECHI (USB 2.0) drivers. They require XHCI drivers in order to work, something that wasn't built into Windows until Windows 8. Intel never offered XHCI drivers for XP, only Windows 7.

Feedbucket 03-04-2019 01:20 PM

Easy way to tell if your system supports it is by checking your motherboard manufacturer's site for drivers.

From what little I've seen, XP support stopped after Ivy Bridge (around 2012) and even if your board is supported you may still have to figure out how to install without IDE (SATA drivers slipstreamed into custom XP disc).

jwillis84 03-04-2019 04:12 PM

If I'm not mistaken the X1900XL was the first of the DirectX 10 cards for Vista, you might get it to work for Win7x32 and Asrock Z170 does support Win7x32 but its a stretch.

Huh.. (if your using XP.. preferrable..) this "might" work for some motherboards.

"The Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver is not supported in Windows XP or Windows Vista. For these operating systems, make sure your BIOS settings have the xHCI Mode set to Auto or Smart Auto. This step reconfigures the USB 3.0 ports to function as USB 2.0 ports using the native Windows EHCI driver."

As for SATA drivers in the XP installer, look up Snappy Driver, Easy2Boot, retro gamers like PhilsComputer lab on youtube use it for installing XP on motherboards with SATA only.

"Easy2Boot_v1.A9_DPMS.exe includes extra Windows XP drivers (35MB) - this version includes (only) the Driver Pack Mass Storage (DPMS) drivers needed for installing 32-bit Windows XP onto SATA\RAID\SCSI systems."

jwillis84 03-04-2019 06:34 PM

further info:

I won't post the link, but you should be able to search to find the following guide elsewhere on the Internet:

[GUIDE] How To Enable USB 3.0/3.1 on ASUS and ASRock Z170 Motherboards

It reportedly helps to enable the USB 3.0 driver support on Skylake after windows XP has been installed.

I have never tried it, but if it does work, then Snappy Driver probably would do something similar.

Its useful to know that its possible, there could be many ways to achieve the same thing.

You don't need USB 3.0 support under XP in order to use the AIW card, but its severely limiting to loose something as fundamental as USB support for things like keyboards and mice.

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