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06-28-2019, 02:22 PM
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Hi folks,

Firstly, thank-you for everything you do here. I've been reading through this site since last weekend, as I've got a project similar in scope to the user who posted about archiving the dancing footage (which I've hopefully gleaned some basics). I, too, have had the task of archiving footage thrust on me and I wanted some recommendations around equipment/workflow.

My family just found boxes and boxes of my grandfather's old home movies on the family farm, which we all thought had been lost somewhere to various moves. My grandfather has been dead for around 16 years and I don't think they've been touched since.

With context out of the way, I'll try to concisely sum up my parameters:

Sources: Various VHS tapes from both the US and South Africa, apparently, as my grandfather spent time in both countries. I can't figure anything out about the camcorders themselves - no-one has any idea.

Budget: $1000-$3000

Time Constraints: None. They haven't been seen in at least 16 years - what's more time?

Goal: Archive for future generations and simultaneously make watchable (DVD?) formats for family to enjoy.

What I believe I need:
1. VCR with TBC for NTSC playback (was thinking JVC HR-S9000 series, but have no idea)
2. VCR with TBC for PAL playback (what would be good here?)
3. Standalone TBC (any recommendations?)
4. Detailer (would a Vidicraft Detailer be okay here?)
5. Sync filters (recommendations would be great here too)
6. ATI All In Wonder card
7. Adobe Premiere to edit
8. External Hard-drive for storage/backup
9. Blank media to make DVDs

I've taken my potential workflow from: (To heavily restore video) http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/vid...-workflows.htm
And the equipment suggestions from: GoDVDs? Want to clean up picture from tape to DVD?

I'd love some feedback/recommendations.

Again, I can't thank you enough for your incredible wealth of knowledge here!
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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08-12-2019, 09:24 PM
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Almost overlooked this post!

The GoDVD post is really old, from 2005. Pricing has changed in past 15 years, but basic advice is still the same:

Good workflow=
- S-VHS VCR with line TBC
- external frame TBC
- optional gear includes detailers, proc amp, ES10/15 for anti-tearing, audio mixer
- quality capture card

My workflow guide needs some updates as well, but still accurate. Hardware the same, software has changed some.

Your budget is good.

Note that I have some workflows available in the marketplace subforum.

Don't worry about the recording camera, doesn't really matter. The SA stuff may be PAL, or maybe NTSC. When you get known-good deck, you'll just pop it in and see what happens.

What is your location?

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