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kpmedia 09-05-2013 10:31 AM

WordPress "Carol White" spam = scam email [warning]
This is a triple cloaked affiliate for the premium Elegant Themes. It collects (confirms) your email address, via the "" domains (in order to subscribe you to yet more spam) and then continues on. I use OpenDNS, so at least one of the bad domains was blocked. I also use NoScript, so there's no telling what other spyware/malware is on a shady site like that.

This was one of the emails received due to a hack. (In hindsight, another crappy site. Gee thanks! :smack:)

Another one of our registrar emails for the day. (I only check it weekly, and it 99.9999% crap.)


Imagine getting your hands on a Wordpress theme that will allow you to:

1. Create beautiful & professional website,
2. Build Facebook iframe page, and
3. at the same time your site looks professional & beautiful on mobile

All can be done easily & quickly in 3 minutes with this Theme.
Check out the video here

I'm sure you'll also love the features:
- Fully Responsive
- 1-Click Custom Mobile Site
- Drag & Drop Layout Builder
- Retina Ready
- Beautiful CSS3 Pricing Table
- Unlimited Color Options
- Portfolio Page Ready
- Star Rating System plus Google Rich Snippet
- Awesome Photos Gallery with Lightbox Feature
- Countdown Timer
- Optinform Ready
- SEO Optimized
- Tons of Shortcodes
- Hundreds of Google Fonts with Live Preview Feature
- Custom Widgets
- Custom Page Templates
- Sleek Admin Panel
- Easy and Fun to Customize
- and so much more...

See the demo and complete features here
I bet you'll hate yourself if you don't grab it now :)
The introductory price will be taken down soon.

P.S. There's no license option, this Theme come with
Developer License Rights. Yes, you heard it right! So you can use the
theme for your sites and/or your client's sites, unlimited.

P.P.S. This Theme also includes the dummy content, dummy theme settings
and tutorial (both text and video). So you'll be able to see your site
goes live within minutes. So easy and quick to see your site goes live! :)

Go get your copy today
To your success,
Carol White

3418 Wescam Court
Burlington, MA 01803

To stop receiving these emails please click: Unsubscribe

Brent 09-13-2013 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by kpmedia (Post 27568)

This was one of the emails received due to a hack. (In hindsight, another crappy site. Gee thanks! :smack:)

I have gotten so much SPAM from that site it isn't funny. I originally created an account with them for advertising VeeroTech but got fed up with the amount of junk they send from there. Unfortunately, I used my personal email address which I should not have done. No matter how many times you change the settings or unsubscribe etc, you STILL continue to get emails.

I also get tons of SPAM/Affiliate offers to our @veerotech emails from there as well - I assume people scraping emails from Warrior Forum - every junk email is related to something from that site. No spam from WHT, Reddit or any of the other forums I frequent. It's sad.

kpmedia 09-14-2013 11:23 AM

JVzoo is the weak link. All spam originates from there, and it's always "Warrior Forum type" junk. In other words, how to do "SEO" (not SEO), get rich quick, etc. So even if it was "legit" non-spamming businesses, the information would be crap. It's not WF directly, as far as I know.

It got into our main affiliate email account, as well as my personal account. So I keep adding rules for the former, and letting Yahoo take care of the latter. Almost all of it is from Romania, and I just keep blocking that country's /16s. There's zero legit traffic to this site from that country.

WF can be useful, but 99.999% is crap. I'm not exaggerating either -- literally 1 in ~10,000 posts is worthwhile. But I go for the 1. The whole place is almost pure spam from "marketers" (people with NO education/degree/experience in marketing) that couldn't sell food to a starving person. For example, what I find funny is how all the WordPress ebooks/tutorials always spend 90% of the time showing how to install it and plugins, and almost zero time talking about anything of value. So sad, so pathetic.

But I know you know all this. :)

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