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kpmedia 08-26-2012 06:53 PM

MariaDB and Percona can both provide performance increases over standard MySQL. Then again, you can often tweak MySQL values for optimal performance for many small and medium-sized sites. At some point, benefits of MySQL replacements is only felt by users on large shared servers, or by large sites on servers.

WiredTree is a good host. But I don't know that it's any better/worse than what GeekStorage and BigScoots have to offer. Again, when you're compared known-good or respected hosts, the decisions can get harder.

Although they had an implosion back in may Downtownhost has Xen based servers, and VPS customers have generally been pleased. (Their shared platforms are the ones that took the hit some months back, along with sibling budget-priced company Ninjalion.)

Removing vBSEO is unlikely to provide much performance gains. It's been leaner since the 3.5.x versions.

Keep in touch. I'd like to know what you pick, and to see how you fair at whichever new host you decide to go with. :)

IcEWoLF 08-27-2012 09:09 PM

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Hi KP, we chose GeekStorage, they did everything I asked and then more.

We got MariaDB + XtraDB.
We did some optimization php and mysql side.
The optimization configs were provided by eva2000 (vBulletin tech support guru): (You can only access this section if you are a licensed vB holder)
They did some optimizations to the server and things are looking good now:

I have to say Matt has been fantastic, the guy knows so much, plus he takes his time to explain everything to me so I don't feel stupid and having to google for each answer.

JayH has been very nice too.

The server has been screaming fast so far and I couldn't be happier with the performance.
I will eventually leave a feedback about them at WHT too because they made the server move a breeze.

Far less trouble than my previous migrations.

They did everything I've asked and more.

With this said, this move is saving me lots of money monthly and also providing me excellent service.
The customer service within business hours has been stellar, everytime I got a reply was with things being done and taken care for me instead of "we are looking at this please hold" like many other hosts do.

I suppose they truly deserve the name Geekstorage because they are Geeks. :)

See attachments.
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