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01-12-2014, 01:07 PM
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I read many articles on your site, really interesting thank you. Me too use EuroVPS, it's a great Provider. I would ask you if you can suggest me other Provider Hosting for WordPress site with low-medium traffic; 200 - 800 visit at day, 500 - 100 pageview at day.

I need to have data center in Europe, my target is the Italy.

What Provider do you recommend?

Sincerely, I like Provider keeping up with the technology, which occasionally experiment with new software and methods to always achieve good performance and results for their clients.

So, I was looking for a Provider with an opcode cache for PHP, a good and optimized release of MySQL (like Percona or MariaDB), other software like Varnish Cache or Memcached, hard disk like SSD; so, a Premium Provider who can assure nice performance also for Shared Hosting, before to upgrade on a VPS.

Thank you,
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01-13-2014, 02:21 AM
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For WordPress sites, the most important aspect is the in-app caching (cache plugins), not the server caches. Opcode cache is nowhere near as useful to WP, like it would be for many other PHP apps. For example, for forums such as XenForo, vBulletin, etc. Of all the cache plugins available, the most useful are "DB Cache Reloaded Fix" (for database call reduction) and "Hypercache Extended" (for PHP call reduction).

The choice of MySQL server is mostly for the good of the server -- not the site. Whether the server uses Percona, MariaDB, MongoDB, NoSQL, even good ol' MySQL, it won't really affect you, assuming the server isn't overloaded. And the alternative databases usually don't help until the app scales, and have even been shown to do worse that MySQL when not scaling to high loads. Some are only good at niche needs, such as high-traffic InnoDB. When you analyze benchmark charts like this (at vbtechsupport.com), you start to realize there's nothing really wrong with MySQL. It's all basically MySQL language, so there's only so much that can be done, regardless of the SQL program in use.

Varnish cache DOES help quite a bit with WordPress sites! But sadly, most hosts do not use this.

Keeping on top of technology is something I can appreciate. It's something I do, and something that I insist my hosts do as well. But usually with a host, that means the hardware. For the shared hosting (not VPS, not dedicated), many want to keep it as multi-functional as possible. Because Varnish can cause problems with other apps, they don't use it. Same for other cache technologies.

Some good European hosts...

EuroVPS is obviously the best host, but you already have it, and are seemingly looking for more. So...

- WebhostingBuzz in UK is a good host.
- Veerotech has recently opened new servers in UK, and is a good host.
- Stablehost has Amsterdam servers, and it's a good host.
- Baltic Servers in Lithuania is quite good.

But I'm not sure any of them use Varnish or other caching for their shared plans. Most likely it's not the case.

Another option...

Something we've been getting into here, slowly and taking our time, is to eventually providing public WordPress hosting. We've hosted clients for 8+ years now, and many have started to refer just our hosting to the friends, family, clients, peers, etc, and having been asking for at least 2-3 years to *just* host them as well. So we are. We have both managed WP hosting, and unmanaged WP hosting with a one-time optimization.

We have servers in USA and UK, and both are tweaked specifically for WordPress. And it's not just for speed, or for the Varnish cache (which we use!), but security as well. We have quite a bit of experience in this area, and have been developing and hosting WP sites since 2007 -- before most people had even heard of WP, and the ones who had consider it *just* a blogging platform with no future!

We don't usually suggest our own services, especially still being in our pre-launch phase, but you'd be a perfect user. You obviously appreciate some of the same things we do. So aside from the 3 excellent hosts mentioned above, I want to give you this option as well. And if you interested, either Contact Us or private message (PM) me here on the forum.

I'm almost somewhat OCD when it comes to performance checking our servers. And I routinely monitor the hosting industry for the newest trends. I'm still very pleased with the combo of CloudLinux, Apache with suEXEC, suPHP, MySQL, Varnish and sometimes reverse-proxy nginx. Those just really perform well.

Anyway, if you have more questions, ask.

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