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01-14-2015, 05:38 AM
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Hello,I find this page through Google by searching for a good web host and I realize that you have a good knowledge on hosting and you are not trying to recommend the hosting base on affiliate commission.

Here is my question:

We are developing a new website (coupon niche/daily deals) and I'm looking for a great web hosting. I don't have lots of knowledge on web hosting so I want my options be all pre-managed or manageable by webshosting provider. I had many blogs and sites on shared hosting before and I'm good on SEO. This project is my biggest project and the most important factor for me is the website speed.

The budget is not really a problem, something bellow $100 monthly.

I'm located in USA (Los Angeles) and most of our visitors will be US based (second part of important visitors will be from Europe). W
hat do you think?
which vps hosting do you recommend?(WHICH HAS cPANEL) and which you think can give the best website speed and performance?
Does using a managed vps hosting requires any knowledge?

Thanks and sorry for long questions.

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01-22-2015, 08:49 AM
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I would probably start off with a good shared hosting plan first, then move up from there. You might find that going straight to a VPS is not needed. Since you mention cPanel, moving from a shared account to a VPS account both using cPanel is not a hard task & can be done fairly easily.

Since you mention "developing", is the site currently live? If so, could you perhaps provide a link?
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