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03-01-2016, 10:54 PM
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Hi, I was talking to the user "asgard" and he mentioned you've used EuroVPS for quite a while.

I was thinking of giving them a try, but remember having read somewhere here that they are not the type of company that "likes" inexperienced customers.

Can you please give me some feedback on them?


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03-01-2016, 11:15 PM
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The answer to this is not a simple 'yes' or 'no'.

No company wants to deal with whiny, needy customers -- unless they're getting paid for it. And the hosting industry is not a high-dollar industry. Some customers always want with-a-smile service. And in this field, they want it for the cost of a fast-food lunch.

Consider some stupid tickets:
"My site isn't working, I need you fix it now, I'm losing millions of dollars!" (on a $10/month hosting plan)
"My site no worky." (seriously)
"Email won't work." (no details)
"I need you to install WordPress and find me a good theme."

Some companies will try to make a customer happy, no matter what, often to the detriment of other customers. For example, EIG is a horrible company, yes. But their own customers make it worse due to their asinine demands, lack of reading, and inane laziness. A company like EuroVPS isn't going to help just you, and let other tech tickets stack up. Because you're only paying a few dollars for hosting, adding more staff isn't an option. After a while, they're going to cut you off. So in that regards, no they're not "newbie-friendly". They're a serious host with serious customers to support.

Last year, they went entirely unmanaged -- likely to avoid these situations. But word on the grapevine is they're going back to managed, including "managed shared", for a premium price. That should scare off the cheapskate customers (who incidentally are the ones that are lazy non-readers). That would make them a little more newbie-friendly again.

For years, Stablehost was very accommodating to stupid questions, but even they had to start charging for support under certain conditions. And I hold them up as an example of the most newbie-friendly host that I've come across in 20+ years.

Does that help?

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