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05-31-2018, 03:37 AM
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I've been with Stablehost for a couple years now with no problems. I have their reseller account. I physically am in Asia but most customers will probably be US/Canadians but they could also be from any English speaking location. Server is in Phoenix.

On one important site, I don't get much traffic yet (haven't fully launched) but I get CPU and IO faults. I've cut down on plugins and tried everything under the sun to fix it.

I had determined to move to their Enterprise version as soon as the site got some traction and more visitors. I just want to focus on my content and customers not trying to tweak a plugin or whatever.

Now for the next 24 hours, they have 75% off for life in their new Stockholm data center including the Enterprise version.

Their support said it would be better to stay in the US data center but I've read your opinions on WHT about it probably not mattering.

Part of me says it may be a little slower but it will be up because there will be more resources. It's a tradeoff.

I just wanted to check on your current thoughts.

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05-31-2018, 09:18 PM
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Location really doesn't matter as much as some think, especially if you leverage things like CloudFlare.

We seem to be pressed for time, so I'll skip straight to the advice with little explanation:

75% is a bargain, and it seems funds may matter to you. So, for that, I'd strongly consider doing it.

Just be aware that Tyler (founder and owner of Stablehost) sold to EU company MissHosting probably 6 months ago. He moved on, but all other employees of Stablehost remained. However, it could be assumed that the Stockholm location is more MissHosting than Stablehost. Because that was a MissHosting location. The founder/CEO is not somebody I necessarily adore, somewhat checkered past, but the outlook on hosting is somewhat ideal. They use locals for support. That means that the Stockholm location probably won't be supported by familiar names from Phoenix. Something else to consider.

There are some unknowns about Stablehost.com these days, so I've not been overly endorsing them at this time.

Some of my most important personal sites at at Stablehost, so it does make me slightly nervous. I watch closely these days. I saw funny stuff months before the sellout was announced, especially the sudden unannounced closure of PingThat. I don't like it when unannounced things happen!

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06-01-2018, 09:18 AM
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Thanks so much for your reply.

After I posted this, I suddenly realized that having my sites live in Europe with the new GDPR deal may not be something I want. And, not just that I'm also not sure what all other laws or regulations I may be under.

I've figured out that when people in the know, like yourself, are uneasy or unclear about a situation that is normally a sign to stay away.

So I did.

I'll stay with Stablehost America - no reason to change at this point - and when the time comes will decide about upgrading or moving.

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