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admin 01-27-2010 11:22 PM

Change sticky color in vBulletin themes
This is confirmed to work on vBulletin versions 3.6 to 3.8.2

adapted from "Different Cell Color for Stickies" by Andrew111888 @
The information there had some typos, so this fixed it

First, you need to change the threadbit template:
  • In AdminCP
    • Styles & Templates
      • Style Manager
        • your theme
          • Edit Templates
            • threadbit

Find the following line:

PHP Code:

<td class="alt1" id="td_threadtitle_$thread[realthreadid]title="$thread[preview]"

and replace it with the following:

PHP Code:

<!-- // <td class="alt1" id="td_threadtitle_$thread[realthreadid]" title="$thread[preview]"> // -->
<if condition="$thread['sticky'] == 1">
td class="stickybg" id="td_threadtitle_$thread[realthreadid]title="$thread[preview]">
<else />
td class="alt1" id="td_threadtitle_$thread[realthreadid]title="$thread[preview]">

And now you need to add some CSS
  • In AdminCP
    • Styles & Templates
      • Style Manager
        • your theme
          • Main CSS
            • Additional CSS Definitions (bottom of page)
Add the following code to the bottom of the "additional CSS" window:


.stickybg { background-color: #COLOR; color: #000000; }
and replace COLOR with the HEX code for the color you want.

Use an online color picker, if you need help selecting a color:

And now your STICKIES have a different color from other posts, helps them pop out more, not get lost amongst the other forum posts.

To "uninstall" this mod, simply remove the above code. Note that the original code was retained inside of mark-out code:

PHP Code:

<!-- //  // --> 

admin 01-27-2010 11:30 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Example of mod in use:

Attachment 634

Simple gray was used here, but it could have just as easily been pink or blue or something else.

admin 07-13-2010 02:22 PM

To match the new styling of the site, it's been changed to a pale yellow color as of today.

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