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naimeiiz 08-03-2011 04:50 AM

Can I view my webstats without logging in?
I'm setting up a website for a business and want to be able to look at their traffic without having to log into the control panel.

Is there a way to make Awstats (or some other program) viewable to anyone?

kpmedia 08-04-2011 04:32 PM

Can stats be viewed by anyone? Absolutely. It mostly depends on where your stats are installed, and if it has password protection. Each server can have stats installed in slightly different ways, and pre-done panel systems (like cPanel or Plesk) come with stats setup in a specific manner. Plesk, for example, has stats setup in a public-accessible folder, but comes default with a blank password. You have to set a password to be able to login, or remove it to let anybody see.

Generally speaking, it's sometimes best to keep stats private, and give out individual passwords to those who need to see the raw data and summaries. Also remember that no single stat package is 100% accurate, less so when it's third-party off-server stats. More so yet again, when it's based on blockable objects like Javascript (Google Analytics, for example).

I'd have to know more about your host, your server plan, etc, to give specific instructions.

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