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Sossity 11-10-2011 05:57 PM

Replacing a header with an image via CSS only, not HTML code
In my Web coding class, we are working on the zen garden project where we use the html from the site, do not alter it, & make it our own using css, meaning we have to do all our customizations through the css only.

I wanted to have an image at the top of my page where the header 1 is, but I cannot use the "image source" type code in the html part, I have to get the image to show up only through code in the css. I did alter the html code to get my image to show up, it was the only way I could, but this is directly against the project guidelines.

I am having trouble getting this to work, I tried writing some code in my project css for the image, but it does not work.

kpmedia 11-10-2011 09:48 PM

I think you'll have to add a background call to a CSS element, or completely rethink how the CSS is done, as opposed to use the current ZenGarden CSS file as a template. Probably a body background.

Sometimes exercises like these are stupid, because the HTML is a limiter. Anybody that thinks "everything" can be done is CSS is a moron. Acknowledging this, it might mean you have to re-think your design to fit the limits of the HTML, as opposed to creating a design in your head, and then trying to force it into the limited HTML coding.

It would be easier to help if I saw a Photoshop mockup, combined with code attempted thus far. Start a new thread in the Premium Member forum, so that your instructor can't find out who you are, should he/she look online (unless he/she pays $20 to join). I'm not going to help you "cheat" or anything, but I don't see any harm in teaching you how to overcome one tiny hurdle on a project. You could spend 30 hours on this, and 10 on the rest -- but you may not have 40 hours to dedicate. Not a good use of your time. If nothing else, I can tell you if the design is feasible to do within the HTML limits. Maybe give a nudge on the right place to put some CSS.

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