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04-01-2012, 10:52 AM
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Datastore pluginlist mismatch!
Plugin modified/added:
array (
  'pluginid' => '248',
  'title' => 'Auto Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Thread Title',
  'hookname' => 'newthread_post_start',
  'phpcode' => '$vbulletin->GPC[\'subject\'] = ucfirst($vbulletin->GPC[\'subject\']);',
  'product' => 'vbulletin',
  'devkey' => '',
  'active' => '1',
  'executionorder' => '5',
This is a warning email sent by the security plugin created by vBSEO, in the wake of the January 2012 hack that affected many sites.

Read more about the hack here: vBSEO Hack/Exploit! Adds unknown plugins, turns links red, causes database errors
And the official vBSEO announcement here: http://www.vbseo.com/f5/faqs-rogue-p...release-52862/

The plugin built by vBSEO is intended to warn forum administrators of new plugins that were added, either with or without their knowledge, as the hack had done. In this case, it's a false alarm -- this is a hack that was purposely added to the vBulletin site in question.

If you're receiving these emails, it's because you're a vB site admin.


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