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kpmedia 11-06-2012 06:58 PM

Websimon Tables plugin customized with table sorting [DOWNLOAD]
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Websimon Tables is an excellent tables plugin for WordPress. Unfortunately, Websimon Tables is still a relatively new plugin, and a number of planned features are still incomplete or unimplemented. One of those features is the ability to sort columns like WP-Table can do.

You can either:
  1. Follow this guide: How to add table sorting to Websimon Tables plugin for WordPress
  2. Or download the files attached to this post. (You should still read the guide for usage instructions)
The customization is very small, changing just a few lines in both Websimon Tables and your WordPress theme header. And then you'll add a few jQuery files to your server.

Official sites for the tools used here:

How / Where to Download the Files?
You'll find the attached file downloads at the bottom of this top post. Files are provided for the convenience of our members. To get download access, simply join the forum as either a Free Member or Premium Member. We don't send spam or sell your email addresses. If you're not sure what to do with .zip or .rar files, see this help post.

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