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admin 03-18-2013 06:09 AM

Throwaway Email Block List - Ban Disposable Accounts! [DOWNLOAD]
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Why Block Temporary Email Accounts?

The problem with disposable email accounts is that it makes getting a fake email address easy. At least with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc, the spammer/troublemaker/etc has to put up with some degree of inconvenience, too. Not to mention you can report it as abuse, and the email providers can communicate with their ISP if needed.

What happens is this:
  • Pretty much any site will attract trolls and troublemakers at some point in time. Most of them go away once banned, but not always. Some of them come back using fake emails!
  • Others simply bypass your site policies from the start, registering with the various fake/junk addresses.
  • Yet more try to use it for spam.
There's quite frankly no need and no good reason to have temporary emails. So site owners should block them to prevent problems.

Disposable Email Block List

To learn how to use this list, and get details about the list, see the full guide: How to Block Throwaway (Disposable) Email Accounts

We made this for vBulletin, though it can be used by other forums, blogs, and web apps. In short, for vBulletin forums, go to the vBulletin admin area. Under the vBulletin Options, on the User Banning Options sub-page, you'll see the Banned Email Addresses option. Copy and paste our list of disposable email addresses into that window.

PHP Code:


How / Where to Download the Files?
You'll find the attached file downloads at the bottom of this top post. Files are provided for the convenience of our members. To get download access, simply join the forum as either a Free Member or Premium Member. We don't send spam or sell your email addresses. If you're not sure what to do with .zip or .rar files, see this help post.

via Email or PM 09-29-2013 05:45 PM


this message is for the forum admin who recently wrote the article "How to Block Throwaway (Disposable) Email Accounts". I just want to tell you briefly that there is a reliable alternative for maintaining local blacklists to detect disposable email addresses. Please have a look at

Would be nice to get your feedback,


Hi admin,

I recently found your post on disposable email addresses (
I run a service that helps to detect them - without the need of maintaining your own local blacklist.
See for further information or contact me.

Best regards,

This question was asked via email. Site Staff no longer answer tech questions via email, so that others may read and benefit from our expertise. Please continue the conversation here. Either login or join as a Free Member, and we can continue troubleshooting your video, photo or web related issue. Thanks for understanding our tech Q&A policies.

kpmedia 09-29-2013 05:59 PM

Hi Gerold,

Thanks for emailing first, so we didn't think you were trying to just spam the forum. However, this is a tech discussion, so it's been moved here.

While we'll continue to update our list, as well as tell others how to implement it, some folks are lazy or simply don't have time. They want others to do it for them for a small (SMALL!) fee. So I see nothing wrong with the service. The pricing looks fair. I guess what matters most is how often it's updated, and what you consider to be disposable addresses. My only concern would be in knowing what's getting blocked.

It'd be nice if something like Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, and ISPs could have emails pre-approved by a forum, so as not to waste money checking those. Sort of an if/then statement.

IF email = these_domains THEN email_domains = 0
ELSE IF email = unknown_domain THEN email_domains = 1

And 1 is sent to your site for checking.

That's going to take plugins for various software -- vBulletin, SMF, phpBB, IP.Board, WordPress, etc. And users need the ability to add domains that they know are safe.

I'd even pay $5 monthly for that! I'm sure many others would too. :)

Thanks for contacting us. :salute:

bdea_cc 09-30-2013 02:08 AM


I'll try to answer your questions:

1) The database is updated continuously. The timestamp of the latest update can be found here:
2) Trust and reliability of blocked domains: only real dea domains are in the blacklist. "Real DEA" means to us that a service is providing dea services explicitly. As soon a a service needs a registration process (like gmail, yahoo) they are considered as freemailers and are not blocked. In addition: this is a managed database. Even if we use several algorithms to detect suspect domains we do not put them to the blacklist automatically.
3) There are plugins for various software, see
We had been a plugin for vBulletin developed by one of our users - I need to get in touch again. In addition there are developers able to help at reasonable prices, see

BTW: I tried to register with an email with the "" domain - but I am on your blacklist ...

Best regards,


kpmedia 09-30-2013 02:49 AM

We block the entire .cc TLD for registration, as well as many others that are 99% used for spam. You're actually the first person that's ever mentioned it! Probably not the best TLD for having a site. I'm sure a number of email servers (MTAs) are the same.

In order for the service to work, I'd suggest that making free forum plugins for the top 5-10 forum software is imperative. WordPress, Drupal and phpBB are good starts, with only the latter one being a forum, but you'd really need to make one for vBulletin, SMF, MyBB, IP.Board, Xenforo, and several other popular ones.

I'd be concerned about paying for unnecessary queries. As per my last post, I don't want to pay for querying known-good domains like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. I'd just want the forum to query unknown addresses. And I get to add to this list of what is known or not, through a forum admin area.

If you build something that can do these things, I have no problem paying a few dollars for it, as well as telling others. (By "others", I refer to the forums I use, this site, our newsletters, etc. Within a few days, I could tell at least 20,000 people!)

Things to consider.

For now, we'll manually update our list, and make it available to others.


bdea_cc 09-30-2013 05:55 AM

The vBulletin - Plugin is back online. See the link at

BTW: Blocking whole tld's (like .cc or .ru) is maybe not the best way to prevent fake registration or spam.

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