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Takkies 06-28-2004 01:58 PM

How to Burn kvcd to dvd-R ?
Don't know where to find it in here. Just say the forum and I will search it there if nobody have time to explain in easy form.

I got myself about 30 eps mpg files (serie movie)
I got a dvd burner
want to burn files to watch on tv standalone

Is this easy to do or do I have to re-encode those mpg. I know how to burn mpg to vcd with cdwriter but everyone tells me burning on a dvd is different. I just thought because I can put so much 4,7 gb I can burn 10 episodes on 1 dvdr

Encoder Master 06-28-2004 02:04 PM

If your MPEG's have another res then 352x288, 352x576, 704x576 or 720x576 then you need the DVD Patcher to patch your files into a conform resolution. Then perhaps TMPGEnc DVD Author can read this files. But if TMPGEnc create the DVD Folders then you have to re-patch the file into the source res.

Or you use a Programm that supports all res like DVD Lab. Then you don't this steps before. :wink:

Takkies 06-28-2004 02:32 PM

Didn't knew there is a TMPgenc DVD Author. Thanks
I'll look for the DVD lab and info.


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