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PhrozenDevil 11-11-2003 06:44 PM

AC3 Sound missing on compiled DVD ?
Hi there,
after i compiled DVD with DVDLab 1.3beta7 it plays without Sound neither on StandaloneDVD nor on PowerDVD.
I set it correctly to AC3 6-Channel in DVDLab, but PowerDVD and StandaloneDVD are displaying DolbyDigital 2.0 0kbps and i hear nothing.
I can play the AC3-File with PowerDVD and it plays correctly, therefore the file seems to be OK.

Had someone else those probs???
I compiled another DVD with AC3 6-Channel a few weeks ago and there all went OK.

Thanks for all answers,

PhrozenDevil 11-11-2003 07:02 PM

I've found out that DVDLab don`t mux the AC3 into DVD, but it says Status OK in assert window!
The filesize of compiled DVD is close to the size of the videofiles, but not video+audio!

Why DVDLab don't mux?? All is set correctly



I run AC3fix over the AC3s and then DVDLab muxed them correctly.
Nevertheless thanks alot.


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