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qarban 12-25-2002 05:55 PM

Capturing Video with a Dazzle DVC II ?
I am using a Dazzle DVC II and I'm already tired of opening my computer case to uninstall and install the PCI card back to the mother board everytime I am going capture a movie, It's because the card cannot detect the video source even all cables are properly connected and the software was properly installed and video source is playing. The only solution I am doing is to uninstall and install the card to make it work but I am looking for a better solution. Please help me... Sorry for the wrong grammar

easymenu 04-01-2003 01:06 AM

:!: For extensive info for, and help with, the excellent Dazzle DVC2 capture card, try the Dazzle DVC 2 Discussion Board by Heyday at .

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