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sincere 09-07-2004 10:40 PM

Moviestacker link broken?
Is there another link to the file I can't find anywhere I've searched on google and nothing. Can someone post a new link or email it to me at Thanks[/b]

Zyphon 09-08-2004 03:18 AM

Hi sincere, Moviestacker is on hold for the moment if you read >here< you will see why.

WOWIEGURL 10-03-2004 09:09 AM

where do you go to get the old one? the link to the exe file doesn't work.

rds_correia 10-03-2004 12:19 PM

Hi Wowiegurl,
The problem is not only on the latest release :arrow: the problem has been there since the 1st release of Moviestacker.
That's maybe why Karl removed both from download.
So either you find it somewhere else or you'll have to settle with FitCD for a while as Muaddib is going to need a long time to remove the GPL source code for the next release of Moviestacker.
Of course you'll tell me that FitCD is very poor in terms of available plugins/filters but that's why Moviestacker was born in the 1st place...
Anyway, FitCD will at least give you the correct resizing figures you need in you avisynth script ;-).

WOWIEGURL 10-04-2004 08:41 AM

hi rds_correia,

I didn't realise there where probs with the old version.... and I assumed since he is making a new one that he would leave the old one there until the new one was ready....

thanks for the advice anyweay.

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