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rab 07-20-2006 02:24 PM

External Exception C000001D during encode
While encoding i keep getting the same error come up. "External Exception C000001D".
I'm trying to encode a WMV game trailer to MPEG2 using the Notch. I'm not doing anything different to what i normally do.
It used to work and now it doesn't.
The only things that have changed on my PC are
-I installed Windows Messenger Live
-Installed and uninstalled a free WMA to MP3 converter
-Rolled back from WMP11Beta to WMP10 cause my PC kept getting stop errors and restarting. (It was just an idea)

I've tried frameserving the file with Avisynth. I tried the MOV version using both TMPGEnc and Avisynth. I even tried reinstalling TMPGEnc and i tried restarting my PC. It still happens.

Shorter videos encode ok. It's strange cause there doesn't seem to be a certain point in the video where it kicks up the error. It seems totally random. I hope it's nothing serious.

kwag 07-20-2006 05:05 PM

Hi rab,

This seems to be a CODEC problem with your source, or a problem with this particular source.
I can bet that you can encode a regular DVD (VOB) without any problems.
Have you tried another WMV source :?:


rab 07-25-2006 10:19 AM

Hi kwag, thanks for your reply and sorry i haven't got back to you.

I mentioned that my PC kept restarting, well, the reason for this is because the motor for the CPU fan has packed up and is stuck on a low speed setting. So when the temp goes up the fan is not cooling the CPU and so it restarts. (Sorry if i sound patronising)

I think this is connected to my TMPGEnc error problem because i am able to encode short videos. Other videos i've tried (AVI,MOV and other WMV's. All are quite long videos), also kick up the error.

I should be getting the new fan on thursday so i'll find out then.

kwag 07-25-2006 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by rab
the motor for the CPU fan has packed up and is stuck on a low speed setting.

:idea: :arrow: WD-40 ;)


rab 08-17-2006 01:51 PM

I completely forgot about this thread. Woops.
Anyway. Turns out, the problem was mearly excessive heat because we had a heat wave here in the UK. The pc had been on all day and then i go and use TMPGEnc and it couldn't cope.
It's all back to normal now.
Thanks anyway Karl and sorry to read you had to hand your baby over to Phil but on the other hand, at least you know it's in safe hands. :wink:

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