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Encoding Quality Samples

KVCD is a modification of the standard MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 GOP structure and quantization matrix. It enables you to compress more than 120 minutes of decent quality video (depending on your material) on a single 80-minute CD-R. The extended KVCD x2 and x3 specs allow for up to 360 minutes on a single CD!

The same compression algorithms and visual tricks can be applied to the DVD-Video format, too! Using the KDVD encoding templates, you can create 100% DVD-compliant MPEG-2 video streams that will play on a normal DVD player. The KDVD specs allow for up to 10 hours of decent quality video on a single DVD-R or DVD+R (single-sided, 4.38GB single-layer burnable DVD).

Image quality is a very subjective topic. This page showcases some of the compression quality that can be achieved under optimal conditions, when using the KVCD or KDVD methods of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video encoding for optical media formats.

Download Instructions

All sample files available at The Digital FAQ Archives (digitalFAQ.com), and are attached to forum posts. In order to view or download attachments, including the MPEG videos found in this guide, you’ll need to be registered and logged into the forum. But don’t worry, it’s free to join, and we don’t spam our members.

KDVD MPEG-2 Sample

This sample shows the quality you’ll get when fitting approximately two movies (4 to 5 hours) on a single 4.38GB (“4.7GB”) DVD-R or DVD+R. The sample was encoded with TMPGEnc using a minimum bitrate of 300kbps and a maximum bitrate of 9,800Kbps. It was encoded in CQ mode at a value of 75, at a resolution of 720480, full anamorphic, and using the KVCD notch matrix. No filters were used for this sample!

KVCD MPEG-1 Sample

These samples shows how the complete movie looks on a single 80-minute CD-R. The video encoder was TMPGEnc, using the KVCD Motion Adaptive (AviSynth) Optimal script, and and the KVCD Notch matrix. Note that these samples don’t have audio; these are video-only MPEG streams.

If this article/guide is as helpful as a magazine or book, then consider a small donation to support what we do here. Or sign up as a Premium Member for only $20. We manually migrated several forums to The Digital FAQ Archives, thus rescuing these sites from online oblivion. The page you're reading now might have been lost, had we not saved it! Your donation goes to the upkeep of this information, as well as our ability to preserve future sites. Thanks!

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