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AVI2KVCD Tutorial

This little guide will show you how to convert an AVI file into a KVCD.

Step 1 – Requirements

What you need:
  • TMPGEnc – the tool that encodes the video-> always the newest version
  • Avisynth 2.5 – This tool resizes and filters your source video; pay attention, you need version 2.5x!!!
  • Some filters that aren’t integrated into Avisynth (get them here).You need to pay attention that you download only filters which were made for Avisynth 2.5x! I’ll tell you in Step 3, which filters you have to download
  • Tok – This tool runs all the programms for you and predicts the bitrate,so your movie will fit on one CD.
  • The applications Tok will have to start (audio compressor etc)
  • Moviestacker – can do much more… but we only need the Resize Parameters…

Step 2 – Preparation
  • extract Tmpgenc …hmmm…isn’t thaaaaat difficult!
  • install Avisynth …. sooooo… simply doubleclick. If you install ffvfw doesn’t matter.
  • extract Tok and its Programs (in the same Folder if possible… it’s more handy)
  • install Moviestacker

Step 3 – Avisynth

So… now we’ll get the newest script (look everytime you encode sth): Here is the thread. Now you take the script with the “for use ONLY with AviSynth 2.5x” title. In my case it’s this one:

## DLL Section ##
## Defined Variables and Constants ##
MaxTreshold = 1.50
scd_trigger = 30 # Scene change trigger value.
nf = 0 # Current frame.
## Main section and static filters ###
asharp(2, 4)
STMedianFilter(8, 32, 0, 0 )
## Dynamic Linear Adaptive Filtering and Scene Change Detection ##
# ( Portions from AviSynth's manual ) - This will apply temporalsoften to
# very static scenes, and apply variable blur on moving scenes.
# We also assign a variable - and this is why a line break is inserted:
ScriptClip("nf = YDifferenceToNext()"+chr(13)+ "nf > 2.5 ? asharp( -(fmin((nf/30), 1)), 0 ) : \
TemporalSoften(2,7,7,3,2) ")
# Scene change detection ( kwag ) - If a scene change is detected, we
# blur heavily. This affects the scene before and the one after the
# scene change, thus providing a softer transition for the encoder instead
# of a sharp "spike".
# If it's not a scene change, then we just blur dynamically, depending on
# the action.
ScriptClip("nf > scd_trigger ? asharp( -2,0) : asharp(0,0) ")
#LetterBox( Your_Values_Here ) # Depends on situation. Use MovieStacker!
## Functions ###
function fmin(float f1, float f2) {
return (f1<f2) ? f1 : f2
Now we’ll see WHICH filters you have to download… You have to look which filters are beeing used! In this Script there is a nice “## DLL Section ##” at the top

## DLL Section ##
Otherwise you’ll have to look for “LoadPlugin(“…”)” lines. In the brackets, there always is sth like “C:\Filters25\STMedianFilter.dll”, this means that we need, in this case, a filter called “STMedian” or “STMedianfilter”.

in the case of my script, this would be:
  • MPEG2Dec3 (here)
  • STMedianFilter (here)
  • asharp (here)
  • undot (here)
  • the Avisynth 2.5 Version of Gripfit
Download the zip Files and extract them to a directory (you may delete everything but the .dll files)

Step 4 – Script Paths

Now we have to edit the script a little bit… You may have noticed that there are some Paths like this one:

But this path, most of you won’t have! Therefore you copy the script into your Notepad/Editor. Now change the Paths via “Edit->Replace”… Replace e.g.”C:\Filters25\” by “D:\KVCD\Filter\”or sth like that… simply change it to the path to the directorywhere you copied your (downloaded) filters. Now save the script somewhere, it has to be edited once again later

Step 5 – MovieStacker

Start Moviestacker (If an error occours,simply klick on “ignore”… thats ok), then it will look like this:

Now do this:
  • click on 1 and open the avi File
  • You may need to activate the checkbnox I marked with 2 (PAL)… not necessary needed if your player can deal with NTSC
  • Change the Dropdownbox marked with Nr 3 to VCD
  • Ensure at 4 that “Use GripFit(…)”is activated

Step 6 -

Now change to the “AviSynth Script” Part of Moviestacker.

Be sure that the Box marked with 1 has a cross in it!

open your saved Avisynth Script and replace this line:

by the line I marked red on the picture

The only thing left to do is to change the line:

to this:

AviSource("PATH_TO_YOUR_AVI") -> z.B. AviSource("D:\KVCD\AVI\legal_Holidayvideo.avi")
Now your script is finished! Congrats. Save it with the extension .avs; and it’s ok!

Step 7 -

Try to play your script in the windows media player! (it may not be in realtime, a lil stutering… doesn’t matter) Maybe there is an error and you have to insert: ConvertToYV12(), or more seldom a “ConvertToYUY2()”, directly after Avisource(“blablabla…your avi file”), that the filters can deal with the video.

Step 8 -

Now the easy stuff:
  • start Tok
  • In the Tok Settings, set your Paths (the Sampler.dll shouldn’t be the one included in the Tok_Extra.zip, but the 2.5 dll from here !!!) ->click on “Save Settings”
  • Now go to the “Main” tab

  • Open the avs file (the Script) by cklicking on 1
  • You MAY have to activate 2 if your player can’t deal with NTSC (maybe it is grayed out… ok too)
  • Give the Video a name, input it in the textbox at circle 3 (e.g. “holidayvideo”)
Now go to the “Prediction & Spacing” Tab

Change the numbers of CDs to 1 And the Minutes to “80 Min” (->So there will be an approx 800 MB Mpeg file at the end, which can be burned on a 700 MB CD-R). Now to the “Audio & More” tab:

Change it according to the picture… (you may also set 128 Kbps…) (Dual Channel won’t bring shit!!! Most MP3s in Avi files are Joint Stereo… its the same as triying to package crap nicely… it still remains crap) (no… joint stereo AIN’T crap!)

Now click on start and wait. Some Programs should pop up and close again… watch the TOK Log Window (Log-Tab) to see whats happening!

If this article/guide is as helpful as a magazine or book, then consider a small donation to support what we do here. Or sign up as a Premium Member for only $20. We manually migrated several forums to The Digital FAQ Archives, thus rescuing these sites from online oblivion. The page you're reading now might have been lost, had we not saved it! Your donation goes to the upkeep of this information, as well as our ability to preserve future sites. Thanks!

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