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stevenh 02-02-2003 12:33 PM

Can't open .avs file in TMPGenc
I'm having a bit of trouble loading an .avs files I created in FitCD into TMPGenc - I get the message "File...can not open or unsupported". The example files such as version.avs open up fine in TMPGenc and I can open the .avs file I've created in Media Player, but not in TMPGenc.

I'm using TMPGenc v2.59 and FitCD 1.0.5. I've installed avisynth 2.07 and moved the moved the .dll into windows/system. Also downloaded all the .dll's I required (mpeg2dec, dust, blockbuster, etc). I've updated the environmental priority settings in TMPGenc to make Directshow and Avisynth readers higher priorities. The .d2v file was created using DVD2AVI 1.76 and the source is a PAL DVD. I've created KVCD's before without a problem and only seem to have a problem now I want to use FITCD /Avisynth.

Can anyone help?

kwag 02-02-2003 12:47 PM

Hi stevenh,

Check your TMPEG settings here:


Smoochie3 02-02-2003 05:06 PM

Also, make sure you update your DirectX to 8.1 or higher, and install the huffy codec. This solved the problem on a couple of computers for me.

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