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jorel 02-07-2003 08:15 PM

constant quality and file predition tmpgenc (dvd2svcd
hi friends,read please: :wink:

using the dvd2svcd 1.1.1 build 2,
if i choose in "encoder tab" the tmpgenc,
and "rate control mode" to "constant quality CQ",
i can't change the "file prediction factor",it stay ever in 1.500.

how can i change the value and fix,
cos after change it return to 1.500? :?

solution from dvd2svcd that wrote:
It's a bug Luckyli there's an easy workaround until next update:

Go to Controlpanel / Regional Options / Numbers and change:

Decimalseparator to .
Thousandseperator to ,

read about:

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