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girv 05-02-2003 06:51 AM

special processing for start and end credits ?
I was thinking that I'd like to improve the quality of the main part of a KVCD video by turning down the quality and perhaps doing some special filtering on the start and end credit sequences. I dont like chopping them off entirely but equally I dont want to use too many bits encoding them.

Does anyone have any figures about how much this could improve the main video or suggestions for bitrate / gop / qmatrix / filter settings?

I was thinking to lower the max bitrate, increase the gop length and add some spatial soften filtering. Comments? Suggestions?

dazedconfused 05-02-2003 11:02 AM

I've done a few comparisons in the past to see the difference in CQ when encoding a full movie versus that same movie with the opening/ending credits cut off. To me, the difference in CQ wasn't that significant, and probably not enough that it made an actual visible difference (but I suppose some movies do have longer credits than others). So I'm not sure whether keeping the credits and doing what you're saying is going to really be worth it (I know, I know...every little bit helps though! :wink: ). I don't care about movie credits much, so I usually just trim all the unnecessary ones off in dvd2avi before encoding, but for what you want to do, you could try using the Tweak() filter to decrease their brightness and convert to grayscale (in addition to the softening you mentioned). That should give you some more compression. You might also try encoding the credits separately with a lower resolution than that of your main movie. If there's audio during the credits, you could also re-encode the audio in those portions to the lowest tolerable bitrate that works in your player. Then burn your kvcd as 3 separate parts (opening credits>movie>end credits) with a 0-second gap between the pieces. I don't know if any of these methods may lead to any sync issues on some players though.

That might not be the best way, but I figured I'd try to help. It doesn't really seem like it'd be worth the extra steps though, unless you're just looking to learn/experiment some or you reeeeally wanna keep the credits and are also in desperate need of just a tad higher CQ to satisfy you. Just my opinion though (for what that's worth! :roll: :wink: ...and admittedly, I am pretty lazy :lol: So maybe you'll find it is worth it to you! ). Good luck girv!


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