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Bunny 06-23-2002 02:09 PM

TMPGEnc: how long does it take to encode a movie?
how long does it take to encode a movie.
i have a p700 and 256 ram
if i encode a movie now with kvcd template it will take me about 10 hours,is that normal

MrRobot 06-23-2002 07:46 PM

Encoding time
I have a P933 with 256Kram. My encodings take from 5-9 hours depending on the length of the movie settings you select for encoding. So, for your system, the encoding time is in the ballpark!!!!!!!

tarsus 06-24-2002 04:42 AM

It pretty much depends on your system and the encoding settings that you have in Tpmeg. Got an Xp+ 1900 and 512 ddr ram, and Tpmpeg encodes almost in real time with the new 352x240 kvcd templates, but for encoding movies it takes about 1.5 to 2x the length of the movie.
If you want to encode faster you should maybe consider upgrading.

Da Pro 06-26-2002 12:54 AM

Or get "cinemacraft sp" it encodes at faster than realtime on my 800mhz system and with surerior mpeg2 quality than tmpgenc, but then again who wants to fork out $2000 for an encoder....

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