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ak47 11-03-2003 02:57 PM

Links to Debian Packages
I don't know if this stuff works, but it looks like it was recompiled for Debian based software (knoppix :D ), and recompiled for certain processors.

P.S. I am a newbie to Linux can someone give me a guide how to use and install stuff in knoppix.
P.S.S. and I am growing tired of windows after my 3 reinstall.

kwag 11-03-2003 04:09 PM

Hi ak47,

Knoppix (Debian) uses apt-get as the package management software.
Once you install Knoppix, open a shell as "root", and type:
apt-get update

Afer that finishes, run:
apt-get upgrade
That will update all your packages to the latest versions automatically :)

Read about apt-get.
The best sources are the manuals at or at


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