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canon 12-07-2003 10:30 AM

setting the audio delay
I want to check if I calculated the audio delay right.
I need software that can get the audio and video separately and that let me set the audio delay.
Do you know something like that?

Encoder Master 12-07-2003 11:22 AM

If you have a VOB from a DVD and it has a delay you can the it with DVD2AVI if you extract the AC3 File. For example there is a delay of -45 so you join the AC3 in headAC3he and set the delay on -45 and encode the MP2 and muxe it later with TMPGEnc or BBmpeg. And the movie is full synchron.

Or did I haven't understand the question?

canon 12-07-2003 01:13 PM

I did exactly like you said (it was an avi and i cut the start of the movie with headac3ch)
Now, before the final stage, I want to make sure that I did it right.
I read somewhere that there is a viewer that can load the video and the audio separately and it's let you set a delay to test by hearing the exact delay. I just can't remember the name of it.

canon 12-07-2003 02:42 PM

found it (stupid me).
it was media player classic

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