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audioslave 01-16-2004 10:13 PM

How do I setup YMPEG...? produce KVCD-like movies? I tried YMPEG on a sample and apart from being very jerky the quality was amazing! Looks very promising!
So, my question is: How do I configure this program? Maybe you kwag could give me some pointers, since I read you did some test encodes? But any help - from anyone - is much appreciated! :wink: :D
A screenshot would be nice...
BTW Can I use TMPGEnc as a "frontend" for YMPEG?

Dialhot 01-17-2004 08:06 AM

For the second aprt : yes you can. Tmpgenc can sav avi as virtualdub do. Just go in file menu, select "output file" and then "avi". In the dropdow where you can select the codec to ue, just choose YMPEG.

BTW if you never see any cue about YMPEG here is because IT IS NOT READY YET for making KVCD.

audioslave 01-17-2004 05:20 PM

Okay, great. And, yes, I know YMPEG isn't quite ready for KVCD yet, but I'd like to try it anyways. Just for comparison with TMPGEnc for example. Any ideas on why I get a jerky playback of my encoded files? I used the bitrates given by CalcuMatic so I thought I would work, but no! Maybe I have to change the frame interval or something else, I don't know...?

Dialhot 01-17-2004 05:23 PM

Sorry, I don't have the answer.

phuquehair 02-28-2005 05:35 AM

I have found that jerky playback is due to improper setup of framerate with tmpgenc. So, i imagine it would be the same with ympeg or any other encoding process. With tmpgenc you can find the right encoding framerate by double clicking source range in the advanced tab. The framerate you see in the top left hand corner is the rate you need to base your encode on. For example, it it is 29.97, go to the video tab and switch the framerate from 30 to 29.97 to match it. Then reset your inverse telecine by unticking it then ticking it again. and voila your new framerate setting will be set correctly to 23.976. Do not rely on other programs to find your correct framerate. They tend to get it wrong. I used gspot to find correct framerate of the source for 4 encodes and they all turned out wrong and choppy like the one you had complained of.

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