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cybermage26 09-16-2003 01:52 AM

Why hasn't KVCD really picked up online?
Not to promote piracy in any form... but lets talk hypothetically.

Just a quick thread about why you think KVCD hasn't really picked up over the net? And by that I mean why aren't there any groups releasing movies into KVCD (all legalities aside)?

Its got alot of advantages over VCD/SVCD/DivX. I understand compatibility plays an issue.. but eh, I dont know. I am on a 3gig monthly cap, and if I were to ever download anything I get capped to 28.8k internet speed for the remainder of the month, annoying heh.

Any ideas?
(patiently waits for people to flame about piracy.. I'm not claiming my finger nails are clean, but we all get a little dirty sometimes.)

cybermage26 09-16-2003 01:55 AM

I can understand that Kwag wouldn't want his pride and joy to be used to for illegal activities and everything. I'm just curious to know why if we all can see the advantages of KVCD, why encoders for groups etc arent doing the same?

A search KVCD on Kazaa/Mirc brings up practically nothing.

Dialhot 09-16-2003 06:44 AM

Because you don't have a lot of big files on Kazaa.
Do the same on Emule and you'll see...

And the more funny ? Last week I DL an avi and its resolution was... 544*480.

Habits are hard to change !

kwag 09-16-2003 11:17 AM

Or go to and type "kvcd"
See how many hits you get ;)


incognito 09-16-2003 12:02 PM

I just did a random search on Emule and found 200+ results for KVCD.

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