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  21. DVRs: Titan TV
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  30. VirtualDub 1.6.4 released
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  32. Which mpeg-2 capture card to buy?
  33. Recording Video: Wrong field order?
  34. VirtualDub 1.6.3 released
  35. Capturing: Should I deinterlace, or Telecide without Decimating?
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  39. Getting a Green Screen in Adobe Premiere 6.5 monitor window
  40. Recording Video: rolling horizontal lines?
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  45. NVIDIA and ATi, Game Over
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  47. Audio out of sync on .AVI file captured from Virtual VCR
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  49. Philips SAA7133 decoder chip a good choice for capture card?
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  51. virtualVCR capturing problems
  52. what capture software is recommended to record my videos?
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  54. Cannot find Typhoon PCI TV Capture Card
  55. Final capture script for Avisynth 2.5?
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  75. A little TV capture Card Review
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  78. DVRs: Matrox RT.X100 Extreme and KVCD
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  80. Capturing from VHS at 24-bit RGB and huffyuv compression
  81. DVRs: Software for PVR250/350
  82. DVRs: ATI all-in-wonder 9600pro or WinTV pvr-250
  83. Recording Video: Jerky movie capture
  84. Help with Recording Tv Show To DVDs
  85. Must capture audio via your PC soundcard, with PVR250 or PVR350?
  86. DVRs: Audio settings, WinTV2000 and PVR250
  87. Best scripts for PVR250 captures to 704x480
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  106. Super video films on reels - how to convert to mpeg?
  107. New Lossless Codec released
  108. Recording Video with Canopus ADVC-100
  109. Recording Video: New PVR-250
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  111. Recording Video: Frameserving from Adobe Premiere
  112. Capturing Video - YUY2 vs YV12 ?
  113. Recording Video: MainConcept 1.4 MPEG Capture
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  115. capturing TV cartoons, but get some hissing/static in the sound
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  117. Recording Video: Need good script
  118. Recording Video: Msi tv@Nywhere Problems
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  120. Recording Video: What's Best to do?
  121. Where can I learn about Video capture, transferring and recordng?
  122. Recording Video: audio on tape goes up and down
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  125. Recording Video: [Removed]
  126. Guide for PixelView BT878 and VirtualVCR
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  128. Recording Video: Digital Quality From Analog Source
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  130. Recording Video: Captured to MPEG2 I need MPEG1
  131. Capturing still image from video?
  132. DVRs: WinTV PVR-250
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  147. Capturing from Sony DCR-TRV350 camera
  148. WinDVR (WinTV card) into DVD2AVI into TMPGEnc for KVCD?
  149. freeware video capturing codecs
  150. Recording Video: Cutting WINDVR commercials
  151. Recording Video: DScaler and capturing
  152. Recording Video: Flickering lines
  153. My Osprey-210 Capture card experience
  154. How to capture TV with Closed Caption?
  155. Recording Video: Analog capture processing guide
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  157. Recording Video: Advice on capturing
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  160. Cutting Commercials from TV recordings?
  161. Recording Video: PICVideo MJPEG settings
  162. Capture analog sources with VirtualDub
  163. Recording Video: What resolution for Standard Coaxial conenction?
  164. Recording Video: Green in capturing
  165. Recording Video: TV capture deinterlacing
  166. Recording Video: WinTVGO player alternative
  167. How to remove VCR noise from bottom of screen?
  168. Super noisy VHS video captures
  169. good avs script for processing a tv capture?
  170. Recording Video: To decomb or not to decomb interlacing?
  171. Prolink PlayTV PVR & WinDVR not working
  172. Best way to cut commercials from tv capture?
  173. Whats the best setting for ATI AIW vcd capturing?
  174. AVS Filters for TV captured media
  175. Optimum Capture Quality from TV sources?
  176. TV Movie capture/recording procedure?
  177. Recording Video: Quality, What Can I expect?
  178. Recording Video: use WinDVR to capture?
  179. Recording Video: Bright white colors?
  180. Recording Video: Capture from old 8mm camera
  181. KVCD: Capture to .wmv using Windows Movie Maker?
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  184. Recording Video: Huffy codec version?
  185. Recording Video: No capture under Windows 2000
  186. Recording Video with ATI all in wonder?
  187. Recording Video: Direct DVD editing ?
  188. best VHS to KVCD Guide?
  189. Recording Video: Having a little problem with wintv
  190. Scheduled recording on WinTV-Go card?
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  192. Captured video real sluggish and jerky after conversion?
  193. Capturing Video with a Dazzle DVC II ?
  194. Capturing with Wintv - splits the files after 2gb?
  195. What are some good AVI editing tools?
  196. No video preview while capturing?
  197. Recording Video: Why do I get very poor quality?
  198. Recording Video: Filter for cable interference?
  199. Capture software with timers to start/stop video recording?
  200. Changing to Huffyuv Codec in Miro/Pinnacle DC30 capture card?
  201. AUdio sync problems appending videos in VirtualDub
  202. Recording Video: FAT32 vs NTFS 4GB problem?
  203. VirtualDub: No capture driver?
  204. Recording Video: 2GB capture limit with Pinnacle DC 30 Pro Help!
  205. Captured Video has too many drop frames
  206. Recording Video: Best new Capture card replacement?
  207. best settings for capturing video with smallest size?
  208. Converting videos Capture to KVCD?
  209. Best Capture resolution for VCDs?
  210. Recording Video: Morgan M-JPEG Codec settings?
  211. VFW vs WDM for capturing videos?
  212. Recording Video: CDRDAO inactive in VCDeasy
  213. Recording Video: Filtering noisy video
  214. WinTV USB capture Guides?
  215. Recording Video: The best video capture card ?
  216. Adding text logos on top of captured videos?
  217. BTWincap drivers - tv tuner type?
  218. Recording Video: Huffyuv and Noisy Video sources?
  219. ATI Tv wonder / Btwincap drivers - no sound?
  220. Best capture card for recording weekly TV shows?
  221. what should I look for in a capture card ?
  222. Capturing with ATI AIW 7500
  223. Recording Video: Anbody using WinProducer 3 DVD?
  224. Recording Video: Strange interleave after capture
  225. Which capture program under Windows XP?
  226. Catpuring: Huffy Codec vs. Pinnacle DV codec?
  227. Recording Video: PowerVCR has no sound
  228. Recording Video in Huffyuv with Ulead video studio SE?
  229. what reslution should I capture video in for VCDs?
  230. Dropped almost every single frame while capturing!
  231. Best video Capture Program?
  232. Nokia9600 receiver with dvb2000 recorder?
  233. which vcr to buy for recording/capturing video?
  234. Recording Video: AVI or MPEG-2 ?
  235. Capturing 528x480 resolution from vhs with wintv go
  236. Problem with pixelview capture card
  237. Captured video from DV cameras is jerky
  238. VHS Video Captures with an AV Master
  239. Capturing videotapes from Hi8?
  240. ATI TV Wonder: Record video as VCR format or MPEG?
  241. Audio Pops in captured video?
  242. Nimo codec pack messed up my video capturing!
  243. VirtualDub isn't capping sound!
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  245. Recording Video: Power VCR II capture resolutions? 352x480?
  246. What resolution does a VCR record at? And other VHS capturing questions...
  247. Use FlaXen vhs filter during VirtualDub video capturing?
  248. What is your filter chain for VHS capture?
  249. captured clips won't open in Dazzle (dvc2)
  250. ATI All In Wonder 128 32mb vs All in Wonder 8500?