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  1. Convert AC3 29.97fps to 25fps
  2. HeadAC3he: Loading vorbis.dll, MP2enc.dll has failed
  3. HeadAC3he + Plugins (Libmmd.dll, MPAlib.dll, Azid.dll, ssrc, etc)
  4. Steps to create mp3 for car player
  5. Streamer - A peer-to-peer internet radio
  6. Best way to convert Vinyl to cd?
  7. TMPGEnc not the best way to encode audio?
  8. upsampled 32kHz audio out of sync at 48khz
  9. Free Easy MP3 Sound Recorder
  10. Aften - a new CLI AC3 encoder
  11. Free MPEG4 Audio from Nero
  12. BeSweet: AVI to MP4 Batch
  13. Fixed AC3 volume bug in ffmpeg by a patch this morning?
  14. For AAC, aacPlus, MP3, etc., encodings.....
  15. AAC Audio: Please check my math!
  16. Converting wma to mp3 ?
  17. BeSweet: Ac3 sound too quiet!
  18. Foobar 0.9 officially released
  19. BeSweet: Error 84, error configuring bsn!
  20. BeSweet: Bewsweet encoding wrong kbps
  21. BeSweet: Ogg to Mp2 using Besweet
  22. Audio Sync Problem with DVDIT!
  23. Best way to convert WAV to MP3?
  24. BeHappy - AviSynth based audio transcoding tool.
  25. What program for syncing audio with video MP2?
  26. Does DVD full support VBR audio ?
  27. Satsuki decoder pack
  28. Downloading music legally?
  29. EAC + WavPack + Ogg/MP3
  30. Foobar skins, that is, looks
  31. Dual audio dvd converted into a kvcd
  32. AudioCommander
  33. BeSweet .ac3 encoding issue..
  34. Difference between Optical and Coax?
  35. What's the best AAC/MP4/M4A Encoder?
  36. Mp3 catalog programs?
  37. How to rip audio in AVI and convert to AC3 file?
  38. How to enhance old audio captures?
  39. Splitting 6 Channel OGG
  40. HeadAC3he: quality of Wav to mp3?
  41. Cross-fade or Blend mp3 file?
  42. Mp2 (toolame/mp2enc) vs ac3 (ac3enc)
  43. BeSweet: AC3 2.0 to AC3 5.1
  44. Need advice on cassette to mp3
  45. Alternative to Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones?
  46. Dual Channel audio encoding?
  47. Belight GUI + Besweet 44100 mp2 to 48000 mp2
  48. HeadAC3he: Could not find AC3 header, "DD 1+1 32"
  49. Suggestion for FLAC to WMA Converter
  50. HeadAC3he: Mimic HeadAC3 with BeSweet for KVCD
  51. Need the best downmix to mono method
  52. BeSweet: BeSweet GUI 0.7b5
  53. Smart-K Audio SoundStretch (SKAS)
  54. Mptrim and wavtrim
  55. Converting 5.1 ac3 to 2.0 ac3
  56. Audio Guide: Converting CDs to high-quality FLAC and OGG
  57. Is there a way to upsample from 44.1 to 48kHz ?
  58. On Board Audio-AC97
  59. Audio Codecs: Libavcodec mp2 output
  60. Producing a correct 5.1 ac3 stream using free tools? (part2)
  61. Producing a correct 5.1 ac3 stream using free tools? (part1)
  62. Two-channel AC3 vs. MP2?
  63. HeadAC3he: Illegal Mpeg stream?
  64. BeSweet is crashing for me as well...
  65. HeadAC3he: Framerate Changes?
  66. Quiet talking, but loud action?
  67. Audio Codecs: AC3 Dialnorm
  68. BeSweet: Illegal mpeg audiostream
  69. BeSweet: Incorrect vbr header
  70. Besweet has generated errors and will be closed by Windows
  71. BeSweet: Audio volume too high
  72. BeSweet: Volume issue
  73. HeadAC3he: Wav problem, MP2 version file size is too small?
  74. simple way to do time stretching of a mp2 file?
  75. BeSweet: Settings to convert 44.1kHz audio to PAL format?
  76. BeSweet: Convert audio frames (25.000 to 23.976)
  77. BeSweet: More questions on AC3 delay and ripping
  78. Can a Digital Voice Recorder be use as a music player?
  79. BeSweet: Audio stream error
  80. HeadAC3he: 48kHz will not resample to 44.1Khz file?
  81. BeSweet Wizard: Besweet log file not created
  82. BeSweet: Can't figure out how to convert wav to mp2!
  83. BeSweet: Avi with ac3 51. NTSC to PAL
  84. BeSweet: Audio loudness problems
  85. KVCD: TooLame.exe?
  86. Managing audio from a 29.970 DVD
  87. How long does BeSweet Take to encode audio?
  88. HeadAC3he: Ac3 to mp2 problem
  89. BeSweet: Command-line encoding settings error?
  90. HeadAC3he: Resample to 44.1kHz bug, box unchecks itself ?
  91. Audio sync problems!
  92. BeSweet: Ac3 to mp2 problems
  93. Dts audio
  94. BeSweet: Error 46 in BeSweet
  95. BeSweet: Errors after a day of use?
  96. HeadAC3he: Audio Sync problem
  97. Can you burn Mp3s to dvd?
  98. BeSweet: Mp2 bigger than ac3?
  99. BeSweet: Convert mpa to wav/ac3?
  100. BeSweet: Correction delay
  101. TMPGEnc sucks with handling audio! File too big!
  102. BeSweet: Various setting in besweet - normalize, downmix?
  103. Help with picking the best audio converter
  104. BeSweet: Converting Problems, audio is slowed
  105. HeadAC3he: Joining two mp2 files together
  106. HeadAC3he: Surround sound to mp2?
  107. Headac3he not working
  108. AVI-Mux GUI
  109. Is it possible to get DTS and PRO LOGIC 2 encoded sound on SVCDS?
  110. Steinberg WaveLab 5
  111. audio sounds too slow?
  112. BeSweet: Is Dolby digital 5.1 fake or real?
  113. Using SweetHead with MEncoder in batch
  114. Best to use the Besweet GUI or the Wizard?
  115. Cracking in audio - Any filter or software that removes it?
  116. HeadAC3he 024a10 released!
  117. HeadAC3he Plugin downloads?
  118. Audio Codecs: Can't locate FOURCC xvid
  119. Ac3 problem when I convert it to mp2 in headac3he?
  120. BeSweet: Is this correct command-line settings?
  121. Audio Quality - any point upping the bitrate to 128kbps ?
  122. Audio way out of sync on PAL to NTSC conversion
  123. Converting wav to mpa audio
  124. The kX Project Audio Driver
  125. AC3Filter prerelease version by Valex
  126. Audio2wav
  127. FfmpegGUI - wave/mp2(and more) to AC3-2channels free!
  128. Guide for SAD51 in Bidule
  129. BeSweet: Illegal audio stream
  130. Musik - an open-source, cross-platform multimedia player
  131. HeadAC3he: Does HeadAc3he auto-fix ac3 delays on conversion?
  132. Convert From mp3 to mp2?
  133. HeadAC3he: Surround or Surround2 ?
  134. HeadAC3he: Could not find data chunk!
  135. AC3 vs MP2?
  136. any way to have more than 74/80 minutes of audio on an audio cd?
  137. BeSweet: Cannot convert 24kHz MP3/WAV to MP2, shibatch.dll crashes
  138. HeadAC3he: Resample to 48Khz
  139. HeadAC3he: Which settings are the best for VCDs?
  140. Audio Codecs: Ac3 decoding/encoding with ffmpeg
  141. HeadAC3he: Mono MP2 from AC3 to VCD?
  142. HeadAC3he: WAV to MP2 error
  143. BeSweet: Join two audio files by Besweet?
  144. Stream audio muted after conversion with besweet?
  145. HeadAC3he: Convert wav to mp2, error 'need mp2enc.dll'
  146. HeadAC3he: Headac3he freezing when wav to mp2
  147. BeSweet: First 30 seconds lost when converting MP3 to MP2
  148. Audio Codecs: AC3 Delay Corrector
  149. HeadAC3he: 48kHz to 44.1khz issue
  150. HeadAC3he: Converted MP3 audio files too large?
  151. best quality codecs for Audio VCDs ?
  152. HeadAC3he: Mp3 to mp2 problems
  153. Surround sound in stereo amplifiers?
  154. BeSweet: Nothing happens in besweet, audio not converted
  155. BeSweet: Besweet crashes when trying to convert OGG files
  156. BeSweet: Error 58 - Unknown Input-File Format
  157. How to encode AC3-2 channels?
  158. HeadAC3he: updated dll files for headac3he?
  159. CloneAudio Protector
  160. Best audio extractor
  161. BeSweet: Sound delay not working
  162. Audio dvd authoring guides
  163. HeadAC3he: Mp2 encoding, COULD NOT LOAD MP2ENc dll
  164. Easy CD-DA Extractor 6.5
  165. Converting 6 channel AAC to AC3?
  166. HeadAC3he: DPL2 Encoding Preserved?
  167. Does anyone know of any guides for using BeSweet?
  168. BeSweet: voices were low pitch and sounded slow motion?
  169. HeadAC3he: Music video DVD audio only, and burning as an audio cd?
  170. DVD players can support 320kbps or 384kbps audio bitrates?
  171. HeadAC3he: disadvantage with encoding audio at a lower rate?
  172. HeadAC3he: Headac3he crashing in XP pro, codec issue?
  173. BeSweet: Default Profiles + can't get the ac3 to load?
  174. BeSweet: How can I slow down the audio?
  175. BeSweet: Cannot convert WAV
  176. convert the audio from .wav to .mp2 using HeadAC3he?
  177. BeSweet: Pal to ntsc audio
  178. BeSweet: Toolame.dll not included?
  179. Batch encoding to MP3 files?
  180. How to create an audio VCD on a DVD?
  181. HeadAC3he: DownMix options in Headac3he??
  182. Any program to burn MP3 music CDs?
  183. Squeezing hours of music on to one CD-R?
  184. BeSweet: NO sound when muxing
  185. HeadAC3he: Downmix overflow?!
  186. BeSweet: Convert Ac3 5.1 to 2-channel wav file?
  187. HeadAC3he: Need Help with delay
  188. DRM = Digital Radio Mondiale
  189. How to use BeSweet to convert PAL AC3 to NTSC AC3
  190. MP3s with a menu?
  191. Custom audio tube amplifiers
  192. Audio Codecs: WAV Codec?
  193. BeSweet: I can make the output 41000Hz?
  194. HeadAC3he: Whats's my problem and how should it be solved?
  195. Audio Codecs: Volume not means quality
  196. Audio Codecs: LSAMP (leon's simple audio mastering program)
  197. BeSweet: Convert AC3 5.1 to wav 5.1
  198. how do i get the ac3 audio part from my avi source?
  199. Cool Edit 2000
  200. HeadAC3he: Downsample Ac3 448 kbps to 384kbps ?
  201. KVCD: ACM failed to suggest a compatible PCM format
  202. BeSweet v1.5b23 beta released
  203. Compaact! - MPEG-4 AAC-Format (Advanced Audio Coding)
  204. HeadAC3he: Can Any Player Play VBR MP2 Audio for VCD/SVCD?
  205. Stereo to 5.1 Questions
  206. Use Lame decoder in Nero?
  207. SweetHead "Read Less Bytes than expected" ?
  208. Audio Codecs: Audacity - cool and free audio editor
  209. BeSweet: How to Merge two wav files?
  210. Audio Codecs: DirectShow Filter Manager
  211. Audio cassettes to mp3 or wav formats?
  212. HeadAC3he: Is it possible to concatenate AC3 files?
  213. HeadAC3he: Surround/Surround 2
  214. Mini guide to make GOOD mp3s!
  215. Audio Codecs: AVI2WAV Extractor
  216. HeadAC3he: Downsampling without reencoding?
  217. HeadAC3he: Splitting AC3??
  218. Capture audio
  219. Removing vocals from music
  220. BeSweet: Cannot delete settings?
  221. HeadAC3he: Bad audio Sync, words out of phase from video
  222. HeadAC3he: Wav or ac3 to mp2 with no standard bitrate?
  223. Audio Codecs: Mp3Pro
  224. Audiochief shareware?
  225. HeadAC3he: Can't get Vorbis driver!
  226. Audio Codecs: Huge codecs archive on the net
  227. HeadAC3he: AC3 to MP2
  228. HeadAC3he: Stereo or dual channel?
  229. HeadAC3he: hissing comes out of the speakers
  230. BeSweet 1.5b20 released!
  231. HeadAC3he: corrupt ac3 source?
  232. DTS streams from DVD or DTS-cd?s
  233. BeSweet GUI Run-time error 91
  234. Which other Sonic Foundry products is similar to Soft Encode?
  235. Guide For Stereo to 5.1
  236. BeSweet: invalid command Error
  237. Audio Codecs: YUV 4:2:2 Codec
  238. Audio Codecs: Ac3 codec
  239. HeadAC3he: Ogg Peak Value in HeadAC3he
  240. HeadAC3he: HeadAC3, a command-line gui ?
  241. HeadAC3he: significant quality loss converting to 128kbps mp2?
  242. Audio Codecs: Befa - Time signal removal Band Eliminate Filter for Audio
  243. Portable mp3 player
  244. HeadAC3he: Erase Voice from Song?
  245. Audio Codecs: What is SSRC?
  246. HeadAC3he: where can i find HeadAC3he ?
  247. New BeSweet 1.5b19 and BeSweetGUI 06b77 released
  248. HeadAC3he: Warning:Source file's last frame incomplete or corrupt stream
  249. BeSweet: Best version of Normalizing?
  250. HeadAC3he: sound is too slow?