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04-22-2003, 01:35 AM
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Okay guys, I figured someone oughtta post something in this new Forum, so here goes! Please keep in mind that I'm certainly not an expert on the topic of Subtitles, so I probably can't answer your questions!

I thought it might be useful to create a thread that lists all the various DVD's which use "Forced" subtitles. For those who don't know, these are subtitles that pop up on your tv screen while watching a movie even when you currently have the subtitle-functionality of your dvd player shut off. An example of why this might occur would be if you're watching a movie where an alien speaks some strange language during a scene and you, the viewer, couldn't possibly understand what he was saying without some helpful subtitles...therefore, there are instructions built-in to the framework of the dvd that force your dvd player to display subtitles during these scenes, for your benefit. For more info on Forced Subs and how to keep them in your encodes using various programs, I'd suggest looking at Sefy's recently updated guide...I believe there is a link on the main kvcd.net page (or at least, there used to be...if not, ask dr. google or check vcdhelp or doom9 for some guides).

The problem with these kinds of "Forced Subs" on dvd's is that it makes encoding them to KVCD a bit tricky sometimes. If you accidentally forget (or maybe don't even realize!) that a movie uses forced subs at some point throughout, then when you go to encode it, you'll end up with a great looking kvcd that you can't fully understand or appreciate because it is missing these important subtitles where you desperately need them! This can be a real pain in the butt (especially for people with slower PC's or those who use a lot of filtering in their .avs scripts)

So let's all try to list dvd's in this thread that we know for certain use these types of Forced Subtitles, in hopes that it might save some people from having to re-encode their kvcd's for a 2nd time after realizing they made an unfortunate oversight.

**Let's try to be as accurate and descriptive as possible in regards to which Region (1,2,4,etc) the DVD is (just in case there are manufacturing differences between the NTSC and PAL versions for example), and also which version it is (Fullscreen, Widescreen, Special Limited Re-Released Collector's Edition, etc). If/when possible, you might even list the physical location of the Forced Subs (which subtitle track on the dvd were they found under according to DVD-Decrypter) so people won't need to do the guesswork themselves on some of those tricky discs.

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Here's a couple DVDs that use Forced Subs, to get the ball rolling:

XXX, FullScreen Special Edition, Region1 NTSC.
Location of forced-subs in DVD-Decrypter(in IFO Mode, Stream Processing tab)= 0x20-Subtitle-English
I used VobSub Configure and changed the appropriate line in the resultant .idx file so that it would only display the desired Forced-Subs

Birthday Girl, WideScreen, Region1 NTSC.
Location of forced-subs in DVD-Decrypter= 0x22-Subtitle-English/Forced
I used VobSub Configure...no need to change the "forced subs: OFF" line to "ON" in the .idx file by opening with Notepad because only the Forced-Subs are included in this specific subtitle track.
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