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IP Address Banned

Your neighbors have been naughty!

Due to excessive abuse patterns — spam, hacking attempts, DoS-like behavior, etc — this IP address range has been blocked from registering on the forum. Certain forms, downloads, and other site features may also be blocked.

Most bad traffic originates from locations in China, India, Pakistan, Russia, eastern bloc Europe, the continent of Africa, and USA based proxy networks. While we realize these locations are inhabited by many wonderful people, there is unfortunately also a high concentration of cyber criminals and network abusers located there. We mention this because, from time to time, we'll receive vile messages from those who have been blocked. However, it's not our fault that we've had to block these IP ranges — it's the fault of your own neighbors. And we sympathize with your plight, which is why we allow manual registrations...

Manual Forum Registration

Legitimate users wishing to become a member of the support forum may contact us using this contact form. Follow the instructions:

  • Select the option: Need help with forum registration or have a member login problem?
  • Please give your desired username, a valid email address, and a complex password.
  • Reply to our confirmation email.
  • And understand that this manual process may take a few days. It's not instant.


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