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A Public Thank You to EuroVPS, Our Web Host

Too often, online comments and reviews are reserved for scorn, disappointment, or even revenge. Anger causes your adrenaline to rush, and you turn into a red-eyed keyboard monster, ready to semi-libel (or outright libel!) the company or person who has aggravated you.

Have you ever heard that myth that it only takes one muscle to smile while it takes 43 to frown? Well, I don’t know about 43, but I do think it requires twice as much effort to leave online praise.

Today, consider taking 10 minutes of your time to leave a detailed praise of a company online — be it on your blog, on Facebook, or at a review site.

Today, my thanks goes to the web host EuroVPS. Read on, to learn why this company deserves my praise…

Do you have anybody that you’d consider a best friend? Somebody that’s been with you for the long haul, willing to stand by your side in any situation, and that you can always rely on? I know I do, and we’ve been friends for more than 20 years. In those early days, we’d get together to play NES and tease the dog. Some years later, we’d share a few pitchers at the bar. And as we got older, things continued to change. We don’t get together to have fun anymore (mostly an issue of living 750 miles apart), but we do still rely on each other. He comes to me for photography advice, and I shot his wedding. If I need help with Adobe Illustrator or car audio, I give him a call, because he’s a trained professional.

Now with most web hosting providers, I feel like I’m just a number — just another person they have to serve. It’s like I’m a burden or inconvenience. Communication is cold, scripted, rushed. I get the same treatment when I talk to Verizon (cell phone), Charter (ISP) or the utility company. They don’t seem overly helpful or knowledgeable, and as prices go up, service quality seems to go down.

EuroVPS: Professional Hosting

About five years ago, when the kiddie host we were using started to have its servers fail, I began to research what our options were and came across a few positive WHT reviews on the then two-year-old EuroVPS. They offered what we wanted (Windows 2003 IIS6 with Plesk 7, up to 30 domains, which was cutting edge for its day), and at a price range that was within our budget. However, I had a few questions. And wthin a few hours, I was not only getting answers to my questions via email, but I a got phone call. An international phone call! But that’s another story … for my full multi-page in-depth five-year review on EuroVPS.

Needless to say, the information I received via phone and email was excellent, and I signed up immediately. In hindsight, it’s probably one of the 10 best decisions I ever made, as it’s allowed us to focus on our work, instead of having to play “musical hosts” like so many other website owners seem to do.

And as the years have gone by, I feel like my conversations with EuroVPS staff and techs are conversations I’d have with my best friend. Sometimes I’ll need a little help with a site or server problem, and I can rely on them to assist with it. Sometimes I just want their expert advice, and they’ll give it. And every now and again, they’ll contact me, or I’ll contact them, and simply ask how things are. I’m their client, yes — but with EuroVPS, I’m not just a number who pays them on a monthly cycle.

Whether as advice, or with what’s easily 99.99%+ uptime on quality hardware, EuroVPS is a company that I can trust and rely on. In fact, I’d go so far as to say EuroVPS is one reason that The Digital FAQ is what it is. And for that, I’ll always be thankful.

Thanks, EuroVPS!

Thanks, EuroVPS — a.k.a. Vasili, Foti, Sam, Jeff, Vian, John, Sarath, Rene, Douglas, Eugene, William, Harith, Frank, and probably some others I’ve left off the list. I don’t know that I could have done it without you.

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