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10-07-2022, 06:19 PM
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I've yet to buy a monitor for anything other than gaming, and just FPS focused gaming at that. I never cared for something really beyond 120 FPS and usually, I played at 60 FPS. I had very few other requirements. Even now I use these monitors for my daily driving on my Win10 machine. Back then, the gaming aspect was more important to me, but now that I'm going to hopefully embark on editing video from VHS captures, assuming I have moved over to a stronger machine meant for post-capture video editing, are there any requirements or recommendations for this purpose via a monitor? What should I look into or read up on?

Btw, I know this was not in the title, but I'd rather not make a separate thread (don't want to spam) Does the monitor for the XP capture machine matter? I assume once you're getting the video and you can see what is coming in, should anything be fine? In the end, I'll have to use whatever I have around or whatever I can find, but I thought I'd ask for input before going off and doing my on thing. Thank you.
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10-09-2022, 01:33 AM
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Unless you're editing video on the capture machine the fidelity of its display needn't be something to fret over.

PetaPixel offers these recommendations for photo editing (different task than video editing, but it's similar):

Best Overall Monitor for Photo Editing: Dell UP2720Q
Best Budget Monitor for Photo Editing: ASUS ProArt PA278QV
Best “Bang for Your Buck” Monitor for Photo Editing: HP Z27xs G3 4K USB-C DreamColor Display
Best Mid-Range Monitor for Photo Editing: ASUS ProArt PA329C
Best Curved Monitor for Photo Editing: Dell U4021QW
Best Photo Editing Monitor for Mac Lovers: Apple Pro Display XDR
Best Monitor for Photo Editors Who Want Ultimate Color Accuracy: Sharp NEC MultiSync PA311D
Best Monitor for HDR: Dell UP3221Q

Wirecutter's five best monitors are here.

Some folks now use the smallest LG OLED TVs as monitors.

Whatever you get, you can calibrate with a tool like Spyder.
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10-09-2022, 03:23 AM
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In a word: ACCURACY

You don't want "good color" or "good contrast" or whatever. Those are boosted values. You want true to the source, accurate.

Not shiny. Never shiny.

Never HDTVs, as those are always shiny now. Values not accurate, always screwed with, boosted.

Calibration is important. I can often calibrate without a Spyder, but I also have 25+ years experience in calibration. I have special images for it, and can compare against my other already-calibrated setups. But I still have a Spyder, somewhere here. Get one for yourself.

IPS is important. Only get IPS.

Since 2005, all of my/our quality monitors have been LG, Dell, and Viewsonic. LG and Dell are always quality, for their higher end IPS monitors. Some Dell dither issues a decade or so ago, not true bits. Viewsonic was mostly a case of "even a budget company can make something exceptional" (ie, most of their items are NOT so great, aka Best Buy fodder, lower end).

Right now, I have a LG ultrawide 2560x1080 as my main monitor for editing. It took daily fiddling for about a week to calibrate, several years ago, but it's also not drifted over time. My oldest LG from 2005 has drifted some, have to recalibrate from time to time, used on backup capture system.

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