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I've a lot of DVD videos, tipically pre-2010.
I would like to backup them on 2 hard discs, as new laptops have no optical drive.
What are the format I should use to save them without loosing quality.
I mean is it better to save them as ISO or as file or what ever?
I will use DVD decrypter.
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11-22-2019, 10:54 PM
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If you want to retain the EXACT same quality as the DVD, you have to RIP to an ISO which retains an EXACT bit for bit copy of the structure and contents of the DVD, including menus and extras) or RIP to individual files retaining the DVDs tree structure (ISO is better) or Remux to a container like .MKV.

The advantage of an ISO is that it retains the original disc structure, you retain the DVD menu and extras if any. An ISO can be played directly by most software media players directly or if placed in a virtual DVD drive.

If you don't need or want the menus, you can RIP and Remux to a container like MKV. MakeMKV RIPs and Remuxes (copies and places an EXACT bit for bit copy of the video(s) into an MKV container). The Pro of MKV is that some non PC players (e.g. your Blu-Ray or standalone media player) may not play an ISO directly. The Con of an MKV is that it contains only one video and menus aren't possible. So you'll use the menu(s) of the DVD and any extras will be saved as a separate file.

Edit: The MKV will be slightly smaller (typically 10's of MBs) than the original because it strips the overhead needed for files in a DVD-Video.

That's it in a nutshell. Contrary to what anyone else may state, you CANNOT RIP to anything but an ISO or individual files and retain the exact bit for bit quality of the original.

BTW, while DVDDecrypter will work for the majority of your DVDs since they're mostly pre-2010, you may have switch to DVDFab (there's a free trial) for DVDs with newer protection schemes. Or you can try MakeMKV which is updated for the newest schemes, though it may take several months for new releases.

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