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01-23-2021, 06:14 PM
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I was given a Betacord VCR 4400 and was hoping to use it for my digitizing business. I replaced the belts using a Sanyo Belta Belt Kit from studiosoundelectronics. The machine will not retrieve the tape when the stop button is pressed so the tape becomes tangled. I have been working with a knowledgeable person who has helped me pinpoint the likely problem. I need to replace the idler, but I cannot find one. The part no. is 143-0-662T-01202. Another possible reason the machine does not take up the tape is because of a fault on the board that affects unlace speed. It was suggested to change r3049 (R49) from 2r2 to 1r 0.5watt.

I have only had 2 clients in 7 years inquire about having a beta tape digitized, so it is not feasible for me to invest time and money to repair the machine.
I was told never to discard old tech, but try to sell it for parts, or as a collector item.
Long story short - you can have this Betacord VCR for the price I paid for the Belt Kit ($15) + you pay the shipping.
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