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02-02-2021, 12:29 PM
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Unit is in excellent condition, re-calibrated (difficult!!!), refurb'd like new.

Price $495

This is probably one of the most powerful accurate proc amps ever made. (Elite Video is more powerful, but not the best accuracy as it has aged in the past 25 years, value drifted, everything from ghosting to smearing these days.)

PM me if interested.


... and to cut off questions before asked:

(1) Proc amps are optional for analog color correction.
(2) No, software color correction cannot replace proc amps.
(3) No, the capture card "proc amp" is not actually a proc amp.
(4) Yes, some TBCs have integrated basic/weaker proc amps, such as AVT-8710; noting that DataVideo TBC-3000/4000 is not weak, but also not as strong as SignVideo. But no, it's not redundant, as you can either pick the proc amp -- or even stack the proc amp, for serious corrections, or even effects. I like to stack this YUV SignVideo with an RGB Sima.
(5) Sure, you can find cheaper basic proc amps (Sima), but most are out of spec (not calibrated, if even possible). Video is often very binary in nature, works/doesn't, quality/no. And for consumer analog formats like VHS, it really is a situation of "SignVideo vs. everything else" (with DataVideo and Elite getting honorable mentions).

Get it while I got it. There probably will not be any more.

Note: SignVideo is aka Studio1 Productions, the successor to 80s Vidicraft.
Trivia post: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...oductions.html

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