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marukuru 07-01-2021 01:45 AM

For trade: Panasonic DMR-ES10 (EU) for Panasonic DMR-ES25 (US)
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I'm looking to trade a Panasonic DMR-ES10EG-S (EU version/NTSC & PAL) for a Panasonic DMR-ES25 (US/NTSC version).

I bought the ES10 second-hand and I've been using it for about half a year for pass-trough on PAL & NTSC VHS (AV3 in, AV1 out) without any problems. I didn't test (because of lag of equipment) anything related to the TV tuner, but I recorded some DVD-R/DVD+R without any issues. As far as I can tell the unit has only two minor issues:
1) the top cover has cosmetic wear/scratches (see pictures)
2) the display is somewhat dark/dim (compared to my other ES10), even when selecting bright in the settings (it's still readable thou)
I can provide more (high resolution) pictures and videos of the ES10 working on request. The unit includes a Panasonic remote control and a power cord.

Looking for a Panasonic DMR-ES25 (US/NTSC version) with HDMI out (incl. remote control and power cord) in working condition.

Both sides pay for insured, registered shipping. (Shipping from Germany via DHL)

mbassiouny 07-08-2021 11:21 AM

a bit of off-topic but :


Panasonic DMR-ES10EG-S (EU version/NTSC & PAL)
Does an EU DMR-ES10 process pure NTSC signal coming from an NTSC VCR!? or do you mean "NTSC" in the sense "ntsc compatible" because it reads PAL60 (NTSC converted to PAL when playing an NTSC tape in a PAL VCR)?

marukuru 07-08-2021 01:13 PM


Bezug nehmend auf Ihre Anfrage teilen wir Ihnen mit, dass eine Aufnahme eines NTSC-Signals nur erfolgen kann, wenn der Zuspieler ein echtes NTSC-Signal ausgibt. Die in Deutschland erhältlichen Videorecorder erfüllen dieses weitestgehend nicht, da statt NTSC PAL mit 60 Hz (NTSC-Transfer) ausgegeben wird. In diesem Fall entstehen die von Ihnen genannten Effekte.


With reference to your inquiry, we would like to inform you that an NTSC signal can only be recorded if the player outputs a true NTSC signal. The video recorders available in Germany do not meet this requirement to the greatest possible extent, since PAL with 60 Hz (NTSC transfer) is output instead of NTSC. In this case, the effects you mention occur.
I used an imported US/NTSC JVC VCR, the ES10EG and a Blackmagic Intensity Pro in NTSC profile without any issues.

(The Intensity Pro is quite picky with frame rates and resolution (using Linux) and would not have displayed anything when receiving PAL60 in NTSC profile. I tested my European EZ49V, which also offers the PAL<->NTSC setting, but seems to output PAL60 -> not picture with my Intensity Pro. My European DMR-EX87 on the other hand seems to support "true" NTSC (at least in pass-trough to HDMI))

mbassiouny 07-08-2021 01:20 PM

Thanks a lot for the info, Bogilein just confirmed the same thing by coincidence in another thread I opened... If I hadn't ordered one from eBay (just yesterday) already I would have bought yours for cash and let you buy the ES25 you want >_<

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