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05-16-2016, 07:08 AM
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I'm going to let one of my TBC-100 cards go. This one was a backup of a backup, and as such was rarely used. I tested it a few months ago, and it's still perfect.

Unlike TBC-1000/3000/etc, the 100 has no noise, ever, of any kind.

Note: two TBC-100s exist
- true TBC-100, for use in a computer; this is what I have for sale
- altered TBC-100, used in TBC-1000; the modifications prevent use in computers
TBC-1000 is excellent, but can, at times, have various interference or softness issues. It varies from person to person, location to location (due to your power grid). Even re-routing TBC-1000 to use only the TBC-100 card inside of it, divorcing it from the VP-299, is not as effective. Why? The power. A computer's internal power tends to be very clean, whereas external power tends to have noise on the line. Computer PSUs do a good job of eliminating noise. Even UPS with AVR doesn't really clean as well as a computer PSU.

AVT-8710s (green, not black) are also excellent, but if you want the best capture possible, you want a TBC-100.

The TBC-100 is a PCI card, used with computer capture in professional setups. The video workflow usually exits a high-end VCR, enters the TBC-100, and immediately exits into a Matrox/Aja/ATI/etc capture card in an adjacent slot.

Again, these are rare.

DataVideo discontinued them years ago, and owners tend to never sell them due to quality. I've not seen one on eBay in at least 4 years.

It comes in the original box, includes wires, paperwork, etc. Again, like new, almost never used

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