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admin 12-01-2009 07:37 PM

TDK discs are Ritek, time to switch?
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Seems all the TDK discs I have are Ritek. Havn't ever seen one by anything else yet. Time to switch.
I've personally had a good experience lately with the TDK-branded RITEKF1 media, and I think they make for great duplication media. I would never use a Ritek disc as a master or archival copy, but for dupes I'll trust it.

2ND CLASS media isn't bad, it just isn't the best.

Office Depot had a great sale last week, the pre-Thanksgiving sale, at $17 per 100-pack, so I bought a pair of spindles for a dupe project. For my archival needs, however, it was business as usual, TY and Verbatim media bought from Amazon.

What you get really depends on why you're using it. :)

RITEKF1 is generally better than the other commonly-found alternative, the all-too-crappy CMC media. (Not to be confused with MCC, of course!)

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