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Hello everyone okay? I have doubts about a media DVD, what's the difference between a DVD-R and DVD + R? And a DVD RW is inferior to a normal DVD?
Thank you.
Xavier, Thiago

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admin and Lordsmurf can explain it better, but there are very few reasons to use one over the other nowadays. Some DVD recorders handle +R differently, and in those cases it's better to use -R, as you get a more "proper," on-spec DVD out of it.

DVD-RW should not be used for archiving. It's good for what it is, though.
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thiagoff8, I don't know if you've already checked these threads/posts by now or not. But to concur and support what Bix has already stated I refer you to these links as they have proven helpful to myself with similar questions.

Media Guides: DVD Disc & Burner Formats

When to use DVD+R versus DVD-R ?

What is the best DVD (-/+)R on the market?

As stated "Rewritable" media is less stable in the long run versus "Write Once" media and so should not be considered for long term storage or archiving of sensitive data, video or photographs, etc.
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There's really not much different between DVD-R and DVD+R. The guides and posts linked by Harry pretty much cover it.

Know that RW/RAM media is not long-term media, only use dye-based DVD-R or DVD+R for long-term storage or recording. RW/RAM media is for temporary storage only. I always tell people that it's good for 1 month, anything meant to be kept longer should be stored on -R/+R discs instead.

Hope that answers it for you.

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