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Family got some of these thin discsox dvd cases and i was wondering if they are good to use i seen some places say great things about them but i would like some experts here to explain if there just like a garbage wallets or to keep using big cases


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A similar question was recently asked here: http://www.digitalFAQ.com/forum/show...rage-2871.html
The advice is the same for your question.

These are just sleeves. But instead of a wallet, it's stored in a box.

Given how you're supposed to cut up artwork, etc, I'd never use that for commercial disc storage.

It's been a couple of months since I visited, but I think my sister uses something almost identical to this to store her used store-bought DVDs. (Ex rentals, came with nothing, super-duper cheap discs.) And those storage sleeves were complete crap.

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02-21-2011, 02:38 PM
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I've been using Discsox for a long time. I did wait until they switched the material from vinyl to polypropylene because I was looking for archival quality which polypropylene is. Discsox are the best on the market because they hold all artwork from the orginal packaging, whether it be DVDs, Blue-rays, CDs, Games, etc. You should send them an email and ask for a sample. They sent me one which helped a lot.
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