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As far as I know, this system is the best for capturing, and also the best ATI card runs only on this system. However, it is a very old Windows, it is not supported. Then how can I install this, and on what kind of computers? A computer which can run the XP can only be bought used, or a new one can work with an old Windows?
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01-25-2023, 05:20 PM
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You can find hundreds of installations of XP around the web. I think even LS may have some, not sure tho.
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Use the unofficial community edition, XP Integral Edition. Official versions are no longer sold, supported, or sadly even acknowledge. So we do what we must. If you have an original XP license, just keep it in a drawer or file cabinet. Don't bother installing anything official, as it's horribly outdated.

But do note this: the blog where Integral is housed has some political kook BS on it. Don't stray from the XP download page, you'll just get dumber by reading wingnut nonsense.

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09-18-2023, 02:50 PM
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The Integral Edition says it contains SP3. I thought the community guidance was that SP2 was best, as SP3 included unnecessary junk?
Thanks for the wingnut warning LS
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