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03-24-2023, 01:39 PM
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Two Questions

So last year I was driving my wife around to a couple thrift stores and by chance there was a Panasonic AG-1970 there on the shelf. I decided to spend the 6.99 asking price just because I felt the need to do so, and I had in the past and currently am actually in the process of scanning a large group of slides for my uncle and them was going to try and convert various VHS tapes from the family to Digital.

So today I pull out the AG-1970 to test it after a year in storage here as I assume it will not work correctly, need recapped etc. Then even greater shock when I was taking it off the shelf, I kept thinking it looked familiar and kept thinking this looks familiar for some other reason. Then lo and behold Somehow, I have 2 of these now. So, I am guessing when my grandmother's house was sold a while back or at another family members house, I picked one up from there as I know I did not buy two of them.

So, to the question finally! If looks good and works (assuming the one from one of our houses may still be good as it would not have been used much and if the caps are good) is it worth keeping or should I pursue a 1980 model?

Queston 2 is also over the course of the past several years I picked up a JVC HR-S9900U that I know needs some work. By my looks the caps appear OK (no guarantee as I am not an expert and was only visually checking as it does not play a tape , it takes it in and then will eject it). I had contacted Deeter on here about getting it fixed, but due to other issues I did not go foward on it. Does he still fix them ? And would I be wise in sending it in to get looked at and fixed ? To me it seemed very similar to another one someone posted about where the head mechanism or something gets a crack in one of the gears for the flying erase maybe (not sure what it said and did not go reread the post yet). I kind of would like to have both of them and maybe with two 1970s I could use one for parts if neither work and then send this one out too.

Thoughts ?
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